Town of Sutton

Pillsbury Memorial Hall

93 Main Street Sutton Mills, NH 03221

Select Board Agenda

May 20th, 2024, 5:00pm

Pledge of Allegiance:


5:00pm Diane Lander – Community Power Coalition
5:15pm Treasurer Joanne Lord – Proposed Town Investment Policy
5:30pm Ben Dobrowski – Birch Hill Rd. Turnaround Access
5:45pm Adam Hurst – Sale of 6-wheel dump truck, estimate for repairs to front-end loader


Public minutes from May 13th.


Payroll: $ 17,186.34  
Vendor: $ 61,410.31  
Vendor: $ 10,000.00  


Intent to cut 45 acres of 67.2 submitted by Margaret Birney Vickery for parcel 03-983-475 located on Eaton Grange Rd.

Intent to cut 6 acres of 52 acres submitted by Greatwoods, LLC for parcel 01-120-477 located on Eaton Grange Rd.

Building Permits:

Building permit to screen in porch submitted by Bruce A Androphy for parcel 05-898-463 located at 41 Shaker Rd.

$21,056.59 building permit for a furnace/hot water heater submitted by Antonio and Diane Malaquias for parcel 06-610-001 located at 53 Nelson Hill Rd.

New Business:

$8,461.63 Yield Tax Levy for timber cut from parcels 01-338-510 & 03-406-095 by Great Woods LLC, operation #23-439-01-T

$326.44 Yield Tax Levy for timber cut from parcel 10-124-023 by Robert Bristol Charitable Trust, operation #23-439-11-T

$4,790.54 Yield Tax Levy for timber cut from parcel 07-080-513 by Alessandro Valmarana, operation #23-439-09-T

$20.60 Yield Tax Levy for timber cut from parcel 05-703-110 by John Brown and Sons, Inc., operation #23-439-02-T

Proposed upgrades to PA system at Pillsbury Memorial Hall

Cemetery Trustee Training

Highway Safety Equipment Grant –  Public Hearing June 3rd

Old Business:

Review of correspondence:

Heather Turner: Executive Summary of Proposed Short-Term Conditional Use Rental Permit, Application, and Regulations

New Hampshire Department of Safety,  Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management: Soliciting Letters of Intent (LOIs) for the Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Program

Nancy Glynn, Chair of the Trustees of the Sutton Free Library: landscaping, annual maintenance of furnace, questions in response to conceptual plan for the Sutton Free Library lift.

New Hampshire Department of Transportation – Bureau of Highway Design: Work Zone Agreement for Culvert Replacement

Kearsarge Area Council on Aging, Inc – Appropriation request

New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration – 2023 Total Equalized Valuations

Town of Stoddard Zoning Board of Adjustment – Notice of public hearing for an application by Vertex Towers, LLC for a Special Exception to the Town Community Planning Ordinance

Public Input:

Select Board Comments: