The Sutton Conservation Commission reminds owners of forest land that your timber is a valuable asset. Be wary of unsolicited offers to log your land or buy timber. Before you have your property logged, we strongly recommend you:
  1. Timber trespass
  2. Slash laws
  3. Basal Area law for Stream and Shoreland Protection zones
  4. Best Management Practices for Erosion Control
  5. Wetlands permits
  6. NH Timber Tax
  7. Intent to Cut permit
  8. Visit the resource library in the Town Hall. Free fact sheets include an excellent publication entitled: Selling Timber? Do It Right!   

Other publications include information on:

Forest Management Plans, Marking Boundaries, Logging Contracts, Best Management Practices, Timber Harvesting Laws, Cost-Share Programs, Licensed Foresters and Certified Loggers in NH.


A timber tax monitor reviews Intent to Cut permits and visits timber harvests in Sutton as necessary to insure accurate reporting of timber yields.

NH Division of Forests & Lands inspecting foresters visit logging operations to insure compliance with NH timber harvesting laws and to respond to complaints of timber law violations. Call (603) 271-2217.

Proper timber harvesting provides multiple benefits: income, improved habitat, trails, views, and long-term forest health. Uncontrolled, exploitive cutting results in lost revenue, environmental degradation, public resentment and legal liability.

Your forest has been growing for many years. It will continue to increase in value over time. A timber sale should be an informed decision. Please do your homework.