Town of Sutton
Sutton Budget Committee

Draft Meeting Minutes for Monday, October 31, 2022 at 6:30 p.m.


Present – Bob Wright, Gail Guertin, Samantha Gordon, Bob DeFelice, Walter Baker

Absent – Bruce Kozikowski (excused)

In Audience – Mike McManus

Call to Order – Meeting commenced at 6:40.

Agenda Discussion
Previous Minutes ·         It was moved by Bob W. to approve the Oct. 24 meeting minutes. Gail seconded. The motion was unanimously approved with corrections:

o   What John Mock said was “I am a strict constitutionalist, and I will follow the law.”

Cemetery Budget ·         Tim Hayes, the chair of the cemetery commission, requested an additional $4,000 to cover updated costs of mowing the cemeteries. The previous people mowing are no longer available, and the new solution will cost more. This puts his budget request for 2023 to $18,000 total.

·         One additional item of consideration this year is the repair of the fencing for the Millwood Cemetery on 114, near the transfer station. There are posts and areas of fence that are beyond repair, so Tim is planning to replace the entire thing with the fencing comprised of granite posts & chain. There will be salvage value for the existing pieces of fencing.

·         Within this fiscal year, there was a donation received in the amount of $14,000 specifically for maintenance and care of the Millwood Cemetery. This is stored in the general fund until it is spent.

·         There are also trust funds for the cemetery, including a trust fund for Cemetery Fencing & Tombstone Repair. Some of these have interest only available to spend.

·         Another upcoming expense is trees in and around the cemeteries that are in danger of falling; these will need to be addressed. There is also 102 | Tree Maintenance, a Capital Reserve (CR) for the town, which could be used for any tree maintenance in Sutton.

·         We previously discussed a capital reserve for the design and construction of Mastin Cemetery, and planned $60,000 to be placed each year for 3 years to meet the anticipated cost of this project. The budget committee chair, as part of our townwide initiative to reduce our total CR budget, requested that we reduce this to $30,000 this year, in part because we do not yet have a design and final plan. The current amount is more than enough to take this first step. Gail said that Tim agreed to this temporary reduction.

·         Additional information is required before we have final numbers for the cemetery CRs 974 | Cemetery Fence & Tombstone and 988 | Cemetery.

Planning & Zoning Budget ·         There are no proposed changes to the Planning and Zoning budget at this time.
Upcoming Schedule ·         11/07/22 – Next week we will discuss the Town Clerk/Tax Collector and Town Elections budgets.


Next Meeting – The next meeting of the budget committee will be on 11/07/22 at 6:15 at the fire station.

Adjournment – Samantha motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:40 p.m. Bob W. seconded. Unanimously approved.


Respectfully submitted,

Samantha Gordon