Regular Meeting of Monday, November 20, 2017 (6:00 p.m.)

Pillsbury Memorial Hall

93 Main Street

Sutton Mills, NH 03221

  Not official until approved by the Committee.


Committee Members Present:  Robert DeFelice, Chairperson; Andrew Palmer; Julia Jones; Victoria O’Connor

Committee Members Absent:  Steven Hamilton; and Gail Guertin

Ex-Officio Present:  Robert Wright, Jr.

Others Present:  Elly Phillips, Town Administrator; Diego Solimine, Solid Waste Manager


  1. Call to Order Regular Meeting

Chairperson DeFelice called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

  1. Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes of Organizational Meeting of November 13th, 2017

The Minutes, authored by Ex-Officio Wright, were discussed, and accepted, as presented.

  1. Meeting(s)

The Committee discussed the figures for the Firehouse addition, and noted that 2018 is the

last year that we will have to pay for the firetruck, at $20,000.

6:15 p.m. – Solid Waste

Mr. Diego Solimine discussed his answers to the questions submitted from the Budget Committee.  Discussions were had in order to respond to follow-up questions.

Ex-Officio Wright pointed out that, as per the Public Hearing that was heard earlier that evening regarding Solid Waste, there will be an increase in the cost to the residents in order to dispose of tires, batteries, and beds.  The topic of vehicle identifying stickers was also discussed, in order to prohibit non-permitted person from dumping in our town.

Mr. Solimine presented information regarding the budget.

The following line items were discussed:


Account #

Account Name 2017 Budget 2017 Actual Next Year Requested
1-04-4324-101 SW Wages $65,000 $55,290 $67,000
1-04-4324-560 SW Dues/Conf/ Publications $500 $129 $500
1-04-4324-630 SW Maintenance/Supplies $2,000 $1,204 $2,000
1-04-4324-651 SW Safety Equipment $500 $30 $500
1-04-4324-802 SW Electronic Recycling $4,000 $2,275 $3,000
1-04-4324-804 SW Hazardous Waste $1,300 $1,300
1-04-4324-805 SW Cardboard/Plastic Rental $7,000 $4,513 $8,500
1-04-4324-811 SW MSW Tipping $24,000 $17,295 $24,000
1-04-4324-812 SW MSW Trucking $8,000 $8,263 $9,500
1-04-4324-815 SW Calcium Chloride $1,000


$113,300 $88,999



Further detail was discussed regarding the above-listed items:

  • Line Item 1-04-4324-101: Mr. Solimine indicated that the $2,000 increase would allow for more hours, and even a third person, part-time (Memorial Day to Labor Day, 9 hours/week for 18 weeks).
  • Line Item 1-04-4324-560: Board inquired if they were part of any associations.  Diego said they have to go to at least a four-hour class per year in order to maintain their certificate.
  • Line Item 1-04-4324-630: Board suggested a new line item for Building Maintenance & Supplies (631) – Change 630 into Equipment Maintenance & Supplies.
  • Line Item 1-04-4324-651: Board questioned the large variance in budget versus actual – some items can get allocated to either this line item or 640 (Uniforms).  Ellie suggested that those should stay as-is to cover unanticipated expenses, or to clothe a third man.  The suggestion was made to make more detailed guidelines in order to allocate items.
  • Line Item 1-04-4324-802: Changed companies where they now get paid for laptops and computer products, so they are requesting $1,000 less.
  • Line Item 1-04-4324-804: Billed by Henniker annually (flat fee), because they get a grant in order to do it.
  • Line Item 1-04-4324-804: Increased because Naughton has decided to charge $125/month for rental of unit that holds the plastic.  There’s a possibility of purchasing our own, instead of renting, which could alleviate the $1500/year.
  • Line Items 1-04-4324-811 and 1-04-4324-812: This will get readdressed at next meeting in order to see if an increase of more than what is being asked is justified.  Mr. Solimine will provide more detailed information to the Board at the next meeting.
  • Line Item 1-04-4324-815: Can get rid of the line item, because they don’t do the calcium chloride anymore.
  1. Old Business
  2.  New Business 
  1. Final Comments
  1. Adjournment

MOTION:  Committee Member O’Connor moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:32 p.m.  It was seconded by Committee Member Jones.  The motion carried.  (5-0)

Respectfully Submitted,


Victoria O’Connor

Recording Secretary