Town of Sutton Selectmen Meeting Minutes


Sutton Conservation Commission

Agenda for Remote Meeting due to Covid-19 Emergency

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

To Access our meeting: 

By Phone:      +1 (872) 240-3212      One-touch: tel:+18722403212,,872585925#                  Access Code: 872-585-925


Statement of emergency and identification of participants per Covid-19 remote meeting guidelines.


7:00 PM  Ed Canane of Cascade Brook Farm in North Sutton to discuss obtaining an ‘Agricultural Easement’ on his property.


Review minutes of September 9, 2020.


  • Financial Report


  • Correspondence

— Letter from NHACC requesting membership renewal and including invoice for $250.00 .

— Email from Elly Phillips with budget worksheet and letter for determining the 2021 SCC budget.

— Email from NHACC reminding us to register for the 50th Annual Meeting and Conference, which will be held Saturday, November 7th via Zoom.

— Email from NHACC announcing upcoming Lunch and Learn Zoom sessions – “Getting them to Show Up” on October 14 and “Grant Writing for Conservation” on October 28th. Both at 12 noon.

— Email from Merrimack County Conservation District looking for feedback via an attached survey and a Local Working Group meeting on October 15.

— NHACC September 2020 eNews, with info about grant and training opportunities.

— Email from Betsy Forsham advising us to speak with ASLPT before changing the size of the Maple Leaf parking lot.

— Email from Gabe Roxby, SPNHF forester, saying that the Lincoln Trail/SRKG has been re-opened on weekends.

— Email reply from Chris Kane informing us that the herbicide used at the Sundell Natural Area was “Rodeo”.

— Newsletter from Merrimack County Conservation District, Summer 2020 issue.

— Newsletter from the Sutton Historical Society, Summer 2020 issue.

Town and City, magazine of the NH Municipal Association, September/October issue.



  • Review of Wetland Applications and Issues

— Cover letter and pictures received regarding a Wetlands Restoration Plan for J. Hastings and M. Gross of Shaker Rd, T/L#09-668-062.

— Restoration Plan Approval letter from NHDES for J. Hastings and M. Gross of Shaker Rd, T/L#09-668-062, DES File number 2020-02531.

— A copy of the application for a variance from the ZBA, a site plan, pictures, and an approved FEMA LOMA were received from R. Lovell of Roby Rd, T/L#01-890-282, for a project replacing a wooden bridge across the Lane River.


  • Review of Intents to Cut and Logging Issues

— Confirmation of Complete Forestry Statutory Permit-by-Notification for S. Rossman, NHDES File Number 2020-02435, T/L #01-698-531 .

— K. Fischer-Anderson, Old Sutton Rd/Foothills Rd, T/L# 02-895-218, 0.25 acres. Property card shows parcel is owned by the Town of Sutton. Inquiry of Elly Phillips revealed that property is in fact owned by Fischer-Anderson.


  • Old Business

— Report from Property Advisory Committee

— Status of Horse Beach parking lot renovation.

— Status of placing conservation easements on Town-owned properties: Holloway(TL 04-194-375), Nista(TL 04-207-389), & White(TL 04-212-391).


  • New Business

— 2021 Budget

— Signage for the Wells conservation easement.


  • Trail Maintenance and Development

— Trail Advisory Committee Report

> Update on sign-making for our conservation lands:

  • “Sutton Conservation Commission” sign additions to all town conservation lands
  • New signs for: “Town Wetlands”, “Kezar Lake Natural Area”, “Town Wildlife Area” (town forest), “William Bean Quarry”
  • Repaint of KHR trail junction signs

> Tree cutting & removal from KHR trails

> Snow plowing for trailhead parking: (A) KHR Hominy Pot, (B) KHR Maple Leaf,  (C) Webb/Cowell


  • Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 11th at 6:30 PM.