APPROVED 09/14/2011
Sutton Conservation Commission
Meeting Minutes
August 10, 2011 @ 6:30 p.m.

Present: Betsy Forsham, Chair, Don Davis, Rachel Ruppel, Leslie Ward, Garrett Evans, Jean LaChance, and Ricia McMahon. (Ron Murray was absent).

6:30 p.m. Chair Betsy Forsham opened the meeting.

Previous Minutes:
A Motion was made by Ricia, seconded by Jean, to accept the minutes of July 13, 2011 as written. Unanimously approved.

Financial Reports:
Betsy reported that the Town account balance, as of the end of July, was $2,209.18 which is 75.92% of the budget. There were no expenditures. The Conservation Fund account total was $86,048.21, with $75,656.74 in the Conservation Fund and $10,391.47 in the KHR sub-account. The $3,000 check for a land use change tax is reflected in this month’s statement.

– Forest Notes
– Miscellaneous

Review of Wetlands Applications and Permits:
There were none

Don had received an inquiry regarding the stream at Smiley Grove and associated dredging. Betsy checked with the State and dredging may not be done without a permit. There was discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of dredging. The Board suggested Don pass on to the inquirer they need to talk to the North Sutton Improvement Society, who owns the land. They will also need to get a wetland scientist. Rachael suggested the SCC may be able to work with the North Sutton Improvement Society getting a Moose Grant for this project, if there was interest.

Review of Intents to Cut and Logging Issues:
– Gordon Manning, Nelson Hill Road South, T/M # 06-610-001,95 of 95 acres. An annual cut and no wetland issues.

Old Business:
Betsy gave an update on the Black Mountain Forest project. She spoke with Brian Hotz who confirmed the project was completed a month or so ago. She has received all the baseline documents which will be put in the file downstairs.

The Forest Society will have a celebration hike for Black Mountain on Sunday, September 25th. Flyers are coming and Betsy will forward them when received.

Betsy reported on the Right to Know program held July 21st. It was fairly well attended and informative. A hand out was provided that included details on how to go into non-public session. Jennifer agreed to provide copies of the handout to SCC members who would like one. Betsy will put the handout in the file downstairs. It was noted there are old sealed minutes that need to be addressed and unsealed.

The Board discussed preparations for the SCC program with Matt Tarr for September 28th. This will involve creating wildlife habitat with an emphasis on Farms and Fields. This will be a slide presentation in the Town Hall. Don will make a poster. Betsy will email him the exact title and the deadline the poster is needed by. Jean and Betsy will send out invitations, which will be approximately 28. There will be one ad in the InterTown Record a week before. Jean will do refreshments. Betsy noted she had spoken with Matt Tarr, Tim Fleury and ASLPT regarding the ASLPT upcoming program that is similar and it was agreed the two programs would not conflict or be repetitive and would actually complement each other. The SCC will mention the later ASLPT program in its flier. Jean will mention both at her Greenway meeting.

Betsy updated the Board on the ASLPT program. It will be on Saturday, October 15th from 9:00 a.m. until 12:30, starting at the Muster Field Farm. Matt Tarr and Tim Fleury will give a guided walk that will also include Lyon Brook Wetlands and Penacook Path on the King Hill Reservation. The theme is Managing your Lands for Wildlife, with an historical perspective. The invitation went out to all conservation commissions in surrounding towns. The SCC will participate with registration, refreshments and clean-up.

New Business:
Betsy will be going to the Meadowview Lot Owner’s Association meeting on August 18th at 7:00 p.m. at Roger Wells’s house.

Review of SCC Properties and S-R-K Greenway Reports:
Betsy reported the Enroth Gift property was mowed by Gerry Gagnon. Don reported the whole trail has been roughed out and the smaller brush and trees are cut. More cutting is needed with a bow saw or chain saw and the trimmings need to be picked up. There is a downed tree off the Kezar lake side that could be pulled down and covered with dirt to use as a trail edge. Don added it is a neat trail going by some old trees, the cistern, wetlands, a big vernal pool and some glacial erratics. Don needs to find the trail blazes and then he will contact the other Board members.

The Fish and Game mowing approval for KHR was received on July 16th for $445. The SCC will make up the difference. Peter Stanley will be mowing in September.

Betsy reported on the July 18th walk with the mower and the snowmobile club on KHR. Betsy, Don, Peter Stanley and Bob Preston were there. They walked from the Hominy Pot entrance to the Felch and Nichols Trails. A tree needs to be cut. There is a culvert on Hominy Pot Trail that needs to be moved. The snowmobile club should be able to do that.

Betsy reported on the walk with Ralph Spofford on July 26th to look at the Webb/Crowell bridge site. Betsy, Leslie, Don, Ron and Spofford attended. They also looked at the bridge on Kearsarge Valley Road for ideas. Measurements were taken at the Webb/Crowell site. Spofford was very informative. Spofford will come up with a design which he will forward to Ron, who will come up with the cost. This will be done when the ground is frozen. There was discussion of possible access for building the bridge from the other side of the Lane River. Garrett will look into this.

Betsy reported she has purchased Roundup for the Japanese Knotweed eradication. Ernie Brake may be donating time to spray. Volunteers are needed to cut. Betsy will take the cuttings to the dump to be burned.

A motion was made by Jean and seconded by Garrett to take $ 47.99 from the Town account to pay Betsy for the Roundup. Unanimously approved.
A tentative date of August 15th at 4:00 was set to cut the weeds. Everyone should bring their own loppers. All will meet at the Sundell’s property. Betsy will call Ernie Brake.

Betsy reported on the KHR warming hut. It would have cost $500 to tear down. That will not be pursued. There was talk of fixing up the building. Betsy will talk to Alison Jones.

The parking area at Maple Leaf was discussed. Garrett said that Kevin had met with Paul Parker, the road agent, and they had discussed both t he size of the culvert and the parking lot area. Tim Davis had originally planned on a 60’ x 40’ area. It may be possible to do something smaller, especially considering all the rocks in the area. Kevin will be asked to give estimates for a small area, a large area and the cost to expand the smaller area if done later. Garrett will contact Kevin.

8:45 p.m. A motion was made by Jean, seconded by Garrett to adjourn the meeting. Unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Swett