APPROVED 10/12/2011
Sutton Conservation Commission
Meeting Minutes
September 14, 2011 @ 6:30 p.m.

Present: Betsy Forsham, Chair, Don Davis, Rachel Ruppel, Leslie Ward, Garrett Evans, Jean LaChance, and Ron Murray. (Ricia McMahon was absent).

6:30 p.m. Chair Betsy Forsham opened the meeting.

Previous Minutes:
A Motion was made by Jean, seconded by Garrett, to accept the minutes of August 10, 2011 as written. Unanimously approved.

Financial Reports:
Betsy reported that the Town account balance, as of the end of August, was $1,963.36, which is 67.47% of the budget. There were expenditures for secretarial services and supplies. The Conservation Fund account total was $86,059.17, with $75,666.38 in the Conservation Fund and $10,392.79 in the KHR sub-account.
The budget requests have been received from Elly and are due October 7th. Betsy will let Elly know the SCC budget will be a week late. Betsy asked the members to think about what expenditures might be needed for 2012. She added the SCC can no longer receive the Fish and Game grants for mowing and that grant money in general has pretty much dried up everywhere. The Board also discussed possibly changing the name of the capital reserve fund presently in existence, to include maintenance on conservation lands. Betsy will ask Elly and Town Counsel about this.

– Invitation to the Black Mountain dedication ceremony on Sunday September 25th at 12:00. Betsy and Rachel will attend.

– Misc.

Review of Wetlands Applications and Permits:
Received a Shoreline Impact Permit, #2011-02093, for D. Lang, T/M #2-479,224, Camp Kemapah Road, for an after-the-fact septic system and well.

Betsy sent Ernie Brake a thank you email for helping with the spraying of the Japanese Knotweed.

The Board discussed accessing the Webb/Crowell site for a bridge. Garrett said he still intends to contact the landowners along Rt. 114 for permission to access the site through their properties, in order to determine if it would be easier to get equipment in from there.

Rachel mentioned the idea of a capital reserve fund for recreation. It was felt that it would be better to change the existing one to include recreation rather than to create a new one. There was discussion including possible snowmobile grant money for mowing and liability of the mowers and volunteers. Betsy will call Town counsel about these issues. Don will talk to the snowmobile club.

Don received an email from Johanna Lyons regarding the State Parks and “NH Listens”. This is sponsored by the UNH Carsey Institute, and a presentation will be held October 5th in West Lebanon. It is a chance to come, listen and speak about concerns related to outdoor recreation, local and state. Registration is needed. Rachel will attend. Don will forward the email to all members.

Don reported there is a company in Sunapee that writes recreation grants. He will get more information.

Review of Intents to Cut and Logging Issues:
Scott Hill, Stone House Road, T/M #10-895,352. He will be doing his own cutting. 30 of 44.

Tim and Kathy Brown, Dodge Hill Road, T/M # 04-311,348. They are doing their own cutting

Old Business:
Betsy reported on the Meadowview Lot Owners Association meeting that was held on August 18th at Roger Wells. There was nothing controversial. The proposed covenant changes will be going before the Planning Board on September 27th.

The group also discussed removing the snowmobile bridge over Lyon Brook. Charlie Ash said the snowmobile club would like it.. There was concern of wetland damage and it was felt an assessment should be done. A committee of lot owners will meet with the snowmobile club. More to come.

Plans were made for the SCC program on September 28th with Matt Tarr. Betsy will email Matt about a screen.Jean will do refreshments. Betsy and Jean stuffed invitation envelopes and mailed them today. An ad will go in the InterTown next week. Don’s flier was appreciated. Jen Swett will put fliers up at Market Basket and the Warnerbookstore.

Betsy updated the Board on the ASLPT program, scheduled for October 15th. Volunteers are needed for refreshments and cleanup. Interested members should email Betsy and details will be figured out at the October 12th meeting. Jean offered to help.

New Business:
Rachel reported on an email received regarding erosion control devices from the NH Lakes Association. This involves “rubber razors” to catch sediment on exposed areas. This technique could possibly be used by the bench on Keyser Street/Kezar Lake. She will look into this more.

A motion was made by Betsy and seconded by Garrett to purchase one rubber razor for $25.00. Unanimously approved.

It was suggested Brad Simpkins, an interim state forester, may be a good host for next year to talk about sustainable forestry. Betsy will look into this.

Review of SCC Properties and S-R-K Greenway Reports:
Rachel and Betsy cut the Japanese Knotweed on the Sundell property on August 27th. Ernie Brake sprayed. The area will be viewed in the spring to see how well it worked. A gentleman from the New London Conservation Committee stopped by and was interested in the process. Jean will mention the topic at the Greenway meeting. Betsy will give email links to Jean to pass along.

Don did some research on bittersweet and found it can be pruned and then sprayed. He will look into it further.

Don will write a press release for a walk on the Leffert’s/ Enroth trail in October. Don will look at the restrictions on this property to see if a picnic table may be added. Having recently walked it, Betsy complimented Don on creating uch a nice trail!

The SCC land on Wadleigh Hill Road was discussed along with the possibility of renewal of the Tree Farm certification. This topic will be revisited. Jennifer Swett will look at the Merrimack County Registry of Deeds for stipulations. Betsy will look in the file downstairs.

Ron gave Betsy sketches on how to build a bridge. Betsy will put it in the file. To be revisited later.

8:45 p.m. A motion was made by Garrett, seconded by Jean to adjourn the meeting. Unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Swett