Sutton Fire Permit Information

Fire permit Information Phone: 603-927-2727

A written fire permit is required prior to any outdoor burning (except for gas grills and charcoal fires in a container that is up off the ground).  In order to obtain a permit, please visit the Online Fire Permitting system or call the Fire Permit Information phone number above.  When necessary the Forest Fire Warden or a Deputy will get back to you. We follow the State of NH RSA 227-L law, rules and regulations. When the ground is completely covered with snow no written fire permit is required BUT we still want to know when & where you are burning IN ADVANCE so that the fire department does not respond unnecessarily.
When there is no snow cover, a written fire permit is required and the fire shall be attended by the landowner or their agent at all times (must be at least 18 years of age). There are several “sizes” of fires for permits.

Category 1 Fire Permit is for a camp or cooking fire, less than 2 feet in diameter, within a ring of fire resistive material, or in a portable fireplace. A Category 1 Fire, conditions permitting, may be kindled with a fire permit at any time of day.

Category 2 Fire Permit is for a controlled fire, such as a camp or cooking fire no greater than 4 feet in diameter contained within fire resistive material. This permit is only valid 5 PM to 9 AM with a fire permit and conditions permitting.

Category 3 Fire Permit is for burning brush piles. This burning can only be done between 5 PM and 9 AM, conditions permitting and with a written fire permit. It is preferred that you burn brush in small piles and feed the fire. This is safer and easier for you to extinguish the fire should conditions change. Remember all open fires SHALL be attended at all times!

Category 4 Fire Permit is for commercial purposes ONLY and may only be issued when other options for proper disposal of brush have been explored (Chipping, etc). The Category 4 Fire permit requires that the local Warden AND State Forest Ranger sign the permit and restrictions will be applied to try to assure that the fire is conducted in a safe manner.

All fire permits require the written permission of the landowner or the landowner’s agent. If you rent, you need a letter from the landowner giving you permission to obtain a fire permit. In ALL Fire Permit categories only clean combustibles can be burned (No treated/painted wood, no fiber-board, plywood, plastics, etc).

Thank you for your anticipated compliance with these issues.

Aaron Flewelling
Sutton Forest Fire Warden