In accordance with RSA 36-A:5, the Commission receives an annual operating budget as approved at Town Meeting, which covers secretarial services, supplies, expenses, and membership dues for the above professional organizations, as well as registration fees for members’ attendance at a variety of educational seminars and programs.

The Commission maintains a general Conservation Fund and a Conservation Fund for King Hill Reservation. Per RSA 36-A:4, the Commission may receive gifts of money and property both real and personal in the name of the Town, subject to the approval of the local governing body.

At the annual meeting of March, 2003, Sutton voters, in accordance with RSA 79-A:25 II, approved placement of 100% of the land use change taxes received by the Town, into the Sutton Conservation Fund.

Maintaining the good health of the Conservation Fund is crucial to the Commission’s ability, not only to purchase land for conservation, but also to assist landowners with those costs inherent in placing conservation easements on their own properties.