Town of Sutton


Pillsbury Memorial Hall

93 Main Street

Sutton Mills, NH 03221


Notice of Public Hearing

Adoption Of Amended Subdivision and Site Plan Review Regulations

Notice is hereby given, in accordance with RSA 675:6 & 7, of a Public Hearing to be held on Tuesday July 10, 2018 at or about 7 p.m. at the Pillsbury Memorial Hall, 93 Main Street, Sutton Mills, NH, to review and discuss the adoption of amended Subdivision and Site Plan Review Regulations.

Proposed revisions are:

  • Corrections to typographical errors, formatting, and reference numbers;
  • Updates and compliance with applicable State regulations;
  • Expansion and clarification of definitions;
  • Modifications to the Scattered and Premature Subdivision considerations;
  • Addition of typical lot layout guidelines;
  • Expansion and clarification of some Application requirements;
  • Reduction in the number of Application documents required;
  • Removal of a fiscal impact requirement;
  • Revision to and/or conversion of some technical requirements to diagrams & tables in the Appendix;
  • Addition of winter construction requirements;
  • Expanded driveway standards;
  • Removal of High Intensity Soil Survey and Lot Size Determination regulations;
  • Revision of penalty fees from a set amount to a percentage;
  • Addition of 25- and 100-year storm calculation requirements;
  • Removal of existing Exhibits A and B;
  • Addition of new Exhibits A through H;
  • Removal of chart showing historic zoning changes.

Copies of the current Subdivision and Site Plan Review Regulations and the proposed amended Subdivision and Site Plan Review Regulations are available for public review at the Pillsbury Memorial Hall during regular Land Use business hours and will be available at the Planning Board meeting.  The current and proposed Subdivision and Site Plan Review Regulations are also available on the Town of Sutton website under Boards and Committees/Planning Board (

Interested citizens are encouraged to attend the public hearing and express their views and/or submit written comments.  Written comments will become part of the public record and provided to the Board Members to consider.  Please address written comments to: Town of Sutton, Land Use Department, 93 Main Street, Sutton Mills, NH 03221.