Town of Sutton





Regular Meeting of Monday, January 29, 2018 (6:00 p.m.)


Pillsbury Memorial Hall

93 Main Street

Sutton Mills, NH 03221

 Not official until approved by the Committee at its next meeting




Committee Members Present:  Robert DeFelice; Victoria O’Connor; Andrew Palmer; Gail Guertin; Julia Jones; Steven Hamilton

Ex-Officio Present:  Robert Wright, Jr.

Others Present:  Elly Phillips, Town Administrator


Call to Order Regular Meeting

Chairperson DeFelice called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.


Roll Call


Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting of January 15, 2018

MOTION:  Committee Member Palmer moved to approve the January 15th, 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes, as presented.  It was seconded by Committee Member Jones.  The motion carried.  (7-0)


New Business


Estimated Revenues 2017/2018

Elly Phillips explained the spreadsheet that was distributed to the Committee Members, outlining the 2017/2018 Estimated Revenues.  She indicated that her goal in calculating the estimated revenues is to have money left over for the fund balance.

The Committee discussed motions to reconsider.  They also went over the packet that was distributed by Ms. Phillips that included “Property Tax:  Understanding the Math, Dispelling the Myths”, Tax calculations, and the June 2018 New Hampshire Municipal Bond Bank June Bond Sale.

Ms. Phillips informed the Committee that the Auditor is in town, and that she would provide the Committee with a more precise number that they can pull from the Fund Balance to offset the tax rate.  She noted that she will do her best to reach the Committee’s tax rate goals, unless she feels it’s compromising the Fund Balance.


Changes to Budget Worksheet

1-01-4130-102 – EX Town Administrator Salary – Recommended by Select Board

1-01-4210-108 – Select Board calculated $65,515 (53 weeks vs. 52 weeks), which does not include merit


MOTION:  Committee Member Jones moved to approve the recommendation of the Select Board for Line Item 1-02-4210-108, PD Police Chief Salary, of $65,515.  It was seconded by Committee Member Palmer.  The motion carried.  (7-0)


4312-390 – Funds got pulled out for uniforms ($9,000) which got applied to 4312-380.

Ex-Officio Wright indicated the rationale of the Select Board’s recommendation.  Chairperson DeFelice indicated that the professional services had to go up by $3,000 due to Hominy Pot construction (replacing the rock).


MOTION:  Committee Member Palmer moved to approve the increase of $3,000 for Line Item 1-02-4312-390, HD Other Professional Services.  It was seconded by Committee Member Hamilton.  The motion carried.  (7-0)


4312-802 – HD Gravel went up by $3,000, due to washout on King Hill.


MOTION:  Committee Member Guertin moved to approve the increase of $3,000 for Line Item 1-02-4312-802, HD Gravel.  It was seconded by Committee Member Jones.  The motion carried.  (7-0)


4914-992 – Increase of Fire Department Addition to $27,500 protects the Fire Department if the Bond Warrant Article doesn’t pass.  If it does pass, the Chairperson would request to remove the $27,500 from the Capital Reserves.


MOTION:  Committee Member Hamilton moved to approve the capital reserve of $27,500 for Line Item 1-02-4914-992, CR Fire Department Addition.  It was seconded by Ex-Officio Wright.  The motion carried.  (5-0-2).  Committee Member Palmer and Chairperson DeFelice abstained from voting as they are both members of the Fire Department.


Chairperson DeFelice explained the history of the Town Trust Funds.  Ex-Officio Wright explained the purpose of the Town Trust Funds.


Town Report

A copy of the draft Town Report authored by Chairperson DeFelice was distributed to the Committee.  Committee approved the Town Report with the proposed changes discussed.


Final Comments

Procedures for the public hearing on February 12, 2018, at 7:00 p.m., and Town Meeting on March 14, 2018, were discussed.

Ex-Officio Wright expressed his gratitude for the hard work that the Committee put into the budget process.

The Committee expressed their appreciation to the Chairperson for all of his efforts in educating the new members and involvement in the budget.

Ex-Officio Wright recognized Elly Phillips for her efforts in gathering the information, as well as collaborating all of the Departments to assist the Committee through the process.

Chairperson DeFelice invited the Committee for an informal working session next week at 6:00 p.m. to discuss the presentation for the public hearing.



MOTION:  Ex-Officio Wright moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:34 p.m.  It was seconded by Committee Member Jones.  The motion carried.  (7-0)


Respectfully Submitted,



Victoria O’Connor