Pillsbury Memorial Town Hall
93 Main Street Sutton Mills, NH
Sutton Mills, NH 03221
Select Board

January 11, 2021 @ 4:00 p.m.



The meeting was called to order @ 4:00 PM, by the chair, Bob Wright. Also present: William Curless and Dane Headley, both selectmen. The Town Administrator, Elly Phillips had an excused absence for Monday afternoon, Tuesday and Wednesday.


The following announcement was read into the record. Due to the COVID 19/Corona virus Pandemic and in accordance with Governor Sununu’s Emergency Order #12, pursuant to Executive Order 2020- 04, this board is authorized to meet electronically. The public has access to contemporaneously listen and participate in this meeting by calling 978-990-5000 and entering access code 112820


The minutes from December 28, 2020 were approved as written. The board reviewed and approved the following manifests:

1. Vendor Mani fest: $12,525.07 12/30/2020
2. Vendor Manifest: $11,175.78 1/1/2021
3. Vendor Manifest: $11,454.44 1/1/2021


Under old business the board reviewed the preceding 12 month expenditures. The board and the Sutton Budget Chair, Robert DeFelice, had encouraged department heads to trim their 2020 as much as possible a 10% goal was requested As of 12-28-2020 the following had been achieved:                       $414,768.66 reduction in spending vs. budget – or 16.69%. This was an outstanding and successful effort by the department heads and much appreciated by the board and budget chair.


Under New Business, the board signed and executed the following:

  1. Abatement of Tax Lien Costs for John and Allyson Allen O1-228-503
  2. Intent to cut 34 acres of 35.6 acres for Camp Wabasso from the access point of Wrights Hill road.


At 4:32 PM, it was moved by Selectman Curless and 2nd by Selectman Headley to move into non­ public session under RSA 91-A:3, II (a) ‘The dismissal, promotion, or compensation of any public employee…’ At 5:04 PM, public session resumed and selectman Curless, 2nd by selectman Headley moved to seal the minutes because divulgence of this information likely would affect adversely the reputation of any person other than a member of this board. This was approved 3 to 0. The meeting then adjourned at 5:06 PM.


Respectfully submitted,



Robert W. Wright Jr.

Junior scribe for Elly Phillips.