Pillsbury Memorial Town Hall
93 Main Street Sutton Mills, NH
Sutton Mills, NH 03221
Select Board

December 9, 2019 @ 4:00 p.m.

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. by Dane Headley, Chair.  Present at the meeting were:  Dane Headley, Chair/Co-Chair 26 Grist Mill Street Committee; Robert Wright, Jr., Selectman; William I. Curless, Selectman; Robert DeFelice, Budget Chair/Co-Chair 26 Grist Mill Street Committee;  Don Davis, Betsy Forsham, and Glenn Pogust, 26 Grist Mill Street Committee members; Walter Baker, Jr. and Elly Phillips, Town Administrator.



At 5:00 p.m. Selectman Headley opened a public hearing pursuant to RSA 31:95-b  to accept unanticipated funds

from the 2019 State of New Hampshire municipal aid in the amount of $29,948.00.  There being no comment from the public, Selectman Wright made a motion pursuant to RSA 31:95-b to accept the municipal aid funds in the amount of $29,948.  Selectman Curless seconded the motion.  The motion passed by a vote of 3-0.  The public hearing was closed at 5:01. 


At 5:30 p.m. Selectman Headley and Robert DeFelice, Co-Chairs of the 26 Grist Mill Street Committee, presented a report to the Select Board.  Committee members also present were Don Davis, Betsy Forsham and Glenn Pougust.  Selectman Headley provided handouts showing the following costs as well as renderings of Scenario 1-b and 3-b which the committee felt was the most appropriate use for 26 Grist Mill Street.  Both scenarios provide for parking areas as was determined at 2019 Town Meeting.  At Town Meeting sentiment was expressed for retaining the house, so the committee explored various scenarios and settled on Scenario 1-b and Scenario 3-b.   Scenario 1-b provided for 20 parking spots and a common area.  Scenario 3-b retains the house (the barn area and el to be removed.  Scenario 3-b also provides for 20 parking spaces and a similarly sized common area.   


Scenario 1-b

Remove House

Scenario 3-b

House remains

Demolition and removal – granite to remain on site



2.  Button up house after ell removal


3.  Site preparation — cost to install bluestone driveways and parking area as shown on plan



Total One-Time costs



4.  House ongoing cost/year

a.        Electric (extra cost if house remains)


b.       Propane (maintain at 50 degrees)


c.       Insurance – marginal increase

$ 54.00

d.       Exterior paint and caulk – accrued over 20 years


Total Annual Recurring and Accrued




The costs were arrived at based on three submitted estimates.  The committee added some cost for site prep, but final costs are to be developed by the Parks and Recreation Committee.  Uses for the house, if retained were explored, the committee found that storage would be the only practical use for the house is for storage.  Other reasons to retain the house would be aesthetic and historical .  Keeping the house will result in an annual recurring cost and a future use may become apparent.  Committee members have varying opinions on which route to take.  However, that was not part of the Committee’s charge.   Drafting of two warrant articles was discussed at length.  Both the Select Board and Budget Committee will provide their recommendations.     DRA and Town Counsel will be consulted regarding the wording of the Warrant Articles.  The possibility of one article with a suggested amendment to get to 3-b.  Mr. Baker felt that it was imperative that voters being given the option of voting both articles down and used the dilemma that voters have with the school budget as an example.  It was agreed that generally people want parking.    Mr. Davis suggested that if the first article passed the second article could be passed over.  The importance of providing an explanation for the options was reviewed due to the complexity of providing two options.  Mr. DeFelice emphasized that the committee wanted people to have their voice.   It was noted that the 2019 vote was to acquire the property for municipal use.  Parking was discussed at the 2019 Town Meeting as well. 

Mr. Baker discussed the fact that lighting would be needed for a parking lot and that plans would need to be developed so that the estimated costs for the parking area will need to be developed.  The Parks and Recreation Committee will be charged with developing estimates for the final costs for the parking area.  It is anticipated that the Parks and Rec Committee will begin meeting in December.  Mr. Baker reiterated the need to have final costs ready for Town Meeting.  Mr. Baker volunteered to serve on the Parks and Recreation Committee.  Selectman Headley advised that the minutes from the 26 Grist Mill Committee are available for review on the Town’s website.




The minutes from November 25,2019 were approved as written.  The Board reviewed and approved the following manifests:

PAYROLL MANIFEST:      $  20,110.47

VENDOR MANIFEST:       $864,189.87


The Board approved an intent to cut for Marilyn Kidder, Map 09-212-415, Baker Road, 20 acres out of 42.4



The Board approved the following Veterans Tax Credits:

                Mark Peterson, 04-493-097, All Veterans Tax Credit, $500.00

                Lorna Geggis, Map 02-468-130, All Veterans Tax Credit, $500.00

                Kathleen Roth, 02-468-130, All Veterans Tax Credit, $500.00


The Board approved a solar exemption for Mark Peterson, 04-493-097, $19,500



The Board issued a Tax Deeded property to Richard Dwyer pursuant to RSA 80:89,IV for Map/Lot 01-204-544 subject to voluntary merger with 01-247-514.

A visit will be scheduled to photograph the Stotler property the week of December 16th to determine if enough progress has been made to wave some of the fines. 


The Board issued a Betterment Assessment for Fox Chase Road in the amount of $2,256.29

The Board issued a Yield Tax Assessment for Meadowsend Timberlands in the amount of $6,223.72

On behalf of the Board, Selectman Headley executed an agreement with Capital Well for a pitless well system,  pump and watertest for the Pillsbury Memorial Hall in the amount of $4,350.  Phillips advised that the GGB line item will go over budget. 

The Board received November Budget Reports for review.

It was noted by the Board that Sutton has received formal approval for the 2019 Hazardous Mitigation Plan effective 11/27/2019.

The Board authorized an early closing of all Town Departments at noon with pay for all employees regularly scheduled to work. 



The Board noted the following items of correspondence:

DES regarding KRSD Quarter 4-2019 Water Sample

Merrimack County Proposed 2020 Budget



Selectman Wright reported on a LCHIP Grant recently awarded to the Historical Society for repairs to the Meeting House Steeple and Foundation in the amount of $52,500  Members of the Historical Society were present at the Governor’s Council Office to receive the grant. 


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Elly Phillips

Town Administrator