Pillsbury Memorial Town Hall
93 Main Street Sutton Mills, NH
Sutton Mills, NH 03221
Select Board

September 6, 2022 @ 5:00 p.m.



Dane Headley, Selectman, opened the meeting at 5:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Present at the meeting were:  Dane Headley, Chair; Michael McManus, Selectman; Wally Baker, Jr., Lynn Wittman, Kezar Lake Protective Association (KLPA), Polly Crocker, David Grinsell and Elly Phillips, Town Administrator.




At 5:30 p.m. Lynn Wittman, KLPA, and Polly Crocker met with the Board to request support for a DES Watershed Grant that the KLPA is interested in pursuing.  The KLPA has been engaged in a partnership with Colby  Sawyer College to monitor the water quality of Kezar Lake.   The results are causing growing concerns regarding an increase in chlorides and threats of cyanobacteria outbreaks in the lake.  Stormwater runoff has been identified as the primary pollutant for these types of threats to water quality.  Ms. Crocker advised that the watershed is the area that drains to the lake.  She provided a map depicting the watershed to those present.


The watershed plan would look at the types of land uses within the watershed and potential pollutants from those sources as well as water quality targets and finally develop an implementation plan.  Ms. Crocker discussed the 2016 watershed grant for Messer Pond, noting that they met all of their water quality goals through working with the Road Agent doing things like fixing erosion along side the road and replacing culverts.  Lake Sunapee also has a watershed plan which includes a mix of educating property owners within the watershed, working with the agricultural sector, and road projects.  Ensuring that septic systems are up-to-date and functioning is a key area of focus.  Septic rebate programs are something that can be incorporated into a watershed plan.


The KLPA is seeking a $50,000 watershed grant.  A consultant would be hired to do data analysis to pinpoint areas of concern.  Ms. Wittman emphasized that the watershed grant would not benefit just those around the lake noting that lake quality has a direct impact on property values/tax base.  Ms. Wittman and Ms. Crocker sought a meeting with the road agent to determine areas of focus. The grant would serve as a basis for future implementation funding which would be in the form of a matching grant.


Selectman Baker asked about mitigating contamination from nutrients around the lake such as septic systems, fertilizers, and animal waste.  Selectman McManus discussed the potential for chloride coming from above Lyon Brook.    The importance of educating property owners regarding potential for contamination was stressed.  Selectman Baker felt that removal of dead trees might be something to consider.  Selectman Headley asked about the frequency of testing around Kezar Lake.  Ms. Wittman confirmed that chloride readings have increased.  Ms. Crocker said that there is over twenty years of Kezar Lake testing data available.  The chloride levels are over the state’s threshold at certain times of the year.  The dissolved oxygen level has also been problematic.    Selectman Headley asked about the likelihood of receiving the grant.  Selectman Baker observed that Wadleigh State Park might increase the opportunity for a grant award.


The Board agreed to write a letter of support for the grant.


Selectman Baker made a motion to approve the minutes from August 29, 2022, as written.  Selectman McManus seconded the motion.  The motion passed by a unanimous affirmative vote.




The Board reviewed and approved the following manifests:

Vendor Manifest:  $28,424.26

Payroll Manifest:   $ 13,769.60



The Board reviewed and approved the following building permits:

Robert Godkin, Map 02-763-419, High Mowing Road for a lean-to.



The Board executed a letter to Gary Fitzgerald summarizing the requirements of the conditional approval for the Peacock Hill Subdivision.


The Board reviewed and approved the statement of purpose for the Economic Development Committee.  This committee is being formed to assist with the implementation of action items identified in the 2021 Master Plan update relating to bringing appropriate types of uses to Sutton that will improve the tax base and creating opportunities for the development of appropriate senior workforce housing.  The committee membership will be comprised of Sutton Residents and the Board will seek letters of interest through the website.


The Board executed an agreement with GDC Slate and Copper for repairs to the slate roofs on the Sutton Free Library and Pillsbury Memorial Hall.


Selectmen Baker discussed damage to a stone pillar on Doug Sweet’s property.  A plow blade may have caused the damage.   It was agreed that the pillar was in the right-of-way and will require an executed appurtenance agreement.   On behalf of the Board, Selectman Baker will meet with Adam Hurst, Road Agent, regarding this matter.


Phillips was instructed to contact Judy Houston, DES Solid Waste Bureau, regarding grant availability to assist with a closure plan for the Septage Lagoons.


The Board reviewed uses for the one-time disbursements from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation.



The Board discussed staffing requirements for the executive department.


The Board received copies of the August 2022, Expenditure Reports for review at their next meeting.


The Board discussed conducting personnel evaluations and the timing for granting merit increases (if applicable).




The Board discussed the Timbrell tax appeal.  Selectman Headley said that he needed more specific information regarding neighborhood sales and characteristics.  The Timbrell’s have indicated that they have additional information pertinent to their appeal which the Board would like Mr. Hatfield, CNP Assessor Supervisor, to review prior to any further review by the Board.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Elly Phillips

Town Administrator