Town of Sutton

Pillsbury Memorial Hall

93 Main Street Sutton Mills, NH 03221

Select Board Minutes

June 24th, 2024, 5:00pm

Pledge of Allegiance:

Select Board Chair Michael McManus opened the meeting at 5:00pm with the Pledge of Allegiance. Present at the meeting were: Michael McManus, Select Board Chair; Glenn Pogust, Selectman; and Julia Jones, Town Administrator.

Also present at the meeting were: Matt LaBelle, NH State Representative Tom Schamberg, Budget Committee Chair Bob DeFelice, Lee Booker, Chief of Police Jon Korbet, and Judy Parkinson.


At 5:00pm the Board met with Matt LaBelle regarding a turnaround easement on Birch Hill Rd. LaBelle and the Board discussed the terms of the easement. LaBelle shared that his son, Jared LaBelle owns the property in question and was not interested in selling the turnaround to the Town. Selectman Pogust clarified that the Town was not interested in purchasing the land. Instead, the proposed easement would allow the Town to use and maintain the turnaround. With this in mind, Matt LaBelle agreed to revisit the easement with his son, Jared, for further consideration.

At 5:15pm the Board met with Budget Chair DeFelice to discuss Community Power. DeFelice advocated for a public hearing to discuss potential benefits and to address concerns regarding Merrimack County Community Power. Selectman Pogust shared that feedback was negative at the public information session held on June 10th, mostly relating to the program’s opt-out model. The Board solicited input from State Representative Tom Schamberg. Schamberg noted that the Wilmot Select Board passed a resolution to join Merrimack County Community Power, with positive feedback from the public ahead of this decision. Hearing this, DeFelice reasserted his position that the Town should hold a second public hearing to discuss joining Merrimack County Community Power ahead of the June 28th deadline to join as a municipality for the October rollout. Selectman Pogust confirmed the Board’s intention to hold a public hearing in the future, but not in time to meet the June 28th deadline. Hearing this, DeFelice advocated for the Town to opt into Merrimack County Community Power as an individual electric customer to take advantage of potential cost savings.

At 5:50pm the Board met with Paul Little regarding a vacancy on the Select Board. Little expressed his interest in filling the vacancy. Little shared his background and experience, and reasons for wanting to serve on the Board. The Board and Little discussed his reasons for wanting to serve on the Board and the commitment required. Chair McManus shared that the Board would consider Little’s application along with others interested in a decision. McManus confirmed the Board’s intention to fill the vacancy until March.


At 5:23 pm Selectman Pogust made a motion to accept the public minutes from June 17th. Chair McManus seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


The Board reviewed and approved the following manifests:

Payroll: $ 16,076.32      
Vendor: $ 849.691.63      


The Board recertified an intent to cut 35 of 41 acres submitted by Eric Oxman – Granit State Forestry Services for parcel 04-323-231 accessed by Dodge Hill Road.

Building Permits:

The Board reviewed and approved the following building permits:

  • $400,000 building permit for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom house submitted by Mario Abruzzese for parcel 02-722-497 located on Andrews Ave.
  • Building permit for roof-mounted solar submitted by Robert Godkin for parcel 02-763-419 located at 20 High Mowing Rd.
  • $140,000 building permit for a garage workshop submitted by Sara Harkins for parcel 04-244-418 located at 33 Meeting House Hill Rd.
  • $7,863 building permit for a direct vent gas stove submitted by Michael Sigourney for parcel 02-727-241 located at 22 Old Blaisdell Rd.
  • $30,434.00 building permit for roof-mounted solar submitted by Robert Lutz for parcel 01-568-372 located at 175 Birch Hill Rd.

The Board reviewed a $1,600 building permit  for a metal storage container submitted by Kimberley Holt for parcel 06-427-211 located at 99 Main St. The Board discussed the permit and potential zoning ordinances pertaining to storage containers. The Board directed the Town Administrator to ask Peter Stanley to review the building permit for compliance with relevant zoning ordinances.

The Board reviewed the State of New Hampshire Water Pollution Revolving Loan Agreement for the Kezar Lake Watershed Plan. The Town Administrator asked if the Board would like Town Counsel to review the loan agreement. Selectman Pogust shared that he would work with Town Counsel on the loan agreement.

New Business:

The Board reviewed and approved the following:

  • $2,800.36 Yield Tax Levy for timber cut from parcel 05-729-028 by Concetta and Michael McAlister, operation #23-439-03-T.
  • $974.21 Yield Tax Levy for timber cut from parcel 03-983-475 by Margaret Birney Vickery, operation #23-439-10-T.
  • $892.70 Yield Tax Levy for timber cut from parcel 04-323-231 by Sally Claroni and George Wells, operation #23-439-12-T.
  • $9,895.26 Yield Tax Levy for timber cut from parcels 02-798-448 and 04-742-037 by Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, operation #23-439-13-T.

Old Business:

At 6:00pm Selectman Pogust made a motion to regretfully accept the resignation of Walter Baker. The motion was seconded by Chair McManus, which passed unanimously. The Board directed the Town Administrator to prepare a card thanking Baker for his service to the Town.

The Board reviewed revised plans prepared by the Ad Hoc Bulleting Board Committee for the bulletin board. The Board directed the Town Administrator to schedule an appointment with the Ad Hoc Bulleting Board Committee to the plans presented, as well as Installation and landscaping.

Review of correspondence:

The Board acknowledged Elizabeth Geraghty’s resignation as Director of the Sutton Free Library.

Public Input:

Budget Chair DeFelice shared his difficulty hearing speakers at Board meetings and requested permission to place a recorder at the table to ensure all discussions are captured.

Budget Chair DeFelice discussed the Select Board’s role as agent to expend from certain capital reserves.

The Board asked Chief Korbet to provide an update on the condition of Town police cruisers. Chief Korbet discussed the condition of the cruisers, including issues with the Dodge Charger and potential replacement models. The Board discussed plans to replace the Dodge Charger and the need to secure quotes for new cruisers by August.

Select Board Comments:

The Board reviewed reference binders prepared by the Town Administrator containing documents frequently used by the Board, including budget reports, draft personnel manuals, the Town’s Department of Revenue Administration Permanent File, and additional materials. The Board directed the Town Administrator to prepare additional binders for the Board to use at home.

The Board discussed the upcoming Employee and Volunteer Appreciation Cookout scheduled for Saturday, July 13th from 11am-3pm at the Boathouse at Wadleigh State Park. Budget Chair DeFelice encouraged the Board to connect with the Fire Department and Sutton Rescue to ensure that all volunteers receive invitations to the event.

The Board discussed plans for a Procedural Defect Meeting. The Town Administrator confirmed that Town Counsel is working on a timeline to ensure proper notification for the meeting once a date is set.

Selectman Pogust requested a draft of the 2025 warrant. The Town Administrator provided copies of the most recent draft.

Selectman Pogust updated the Board on the Superior Court’s decision to deny Sean Frost’s motion to dismiss the injunction action for failing to get a building permit.


Chair McManus adjourned the meeting at 6:20pm but reopened the meeting for further discussion. The Board responded to questions regarding the the recruitment process for the Library Director position, confirming that the Library Trustees are responsible for filling this position. The Board discussed the upcoming Employee and Volunteer Appreciation Cookout and the number of guests confirmed. Chair McManus adjourned the meeting at 6:21pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Julia Jones

Town Administrator