Town of Sutton Selectmen Meeting Minutes

Pillsbury Memorial Town Hall
93 Main Street
Sutton Mills, NH  03221

Board of Selectman
Meeting Minutes of May 10, 2017


The meeting was called to order at 4:30 p.m. by Robert Wright, Jr., Chair. Present at the meeting was Robert Wright, Jr., Chair; William I. Curless, Selectman; Walter Baker, Jr., Selectman, Ed Canane, Land Use Coordinator and Elly Phillips, Town Administrator.


The minutes from May 1, 2017 were approved as written. The Board reviewed and approved the following manifests:


VENDOR MANIFEST:   $14,796.08



The Board reviewed the following Building permit:

A permit for Fred Sladen, 09-240-260, for a home on Morgan Lane with a private easement. Pursuant to RSA 674:41(d) Ed Canane, Land Use Coordinator, reported on the review and comment from Planning Board at their meeting that was conducted on May 9, 2017.  The Planning Board did not take a vote on this matter.  They felt that everything was fine, but suggested an easement for a hammerhead in the event that the private way was accepted by the Town.  The Select Board agreed with a requirement for a deeded easement for a hammerhead on the owner’s property.  The deeded easement would be a requirement for betterment acceptance. Mr. Canane reported that he had viewed the site along with the Road Agent and discussed the matter with the abutter who voiced no objection. An Agreement and Notice of Limitations on the Town of Sutton’s Responsibility pursuant to RSA 674:41,IC(2)&(3) was executed by the Board.  The building permit was approved subject to Mr. Sladen’s execution of the document and recordation of the Agreement and Notice of Limitations on the Town of Sutton’s Responsibility.

The Board reviewed and approved the following building permits:

Sheldon Boege, 10-463-418, Summit Road, for solar panels.

Sara Coyle, 04-312-111, Route 114, for Repair/Replacement.



The Board approved an Intent to Cut for Ryan and Racy Mingarelli, 04-658-404, 7 acres out of 7. Mr. Canane discussed the process for obtaining a driveway permit  with Class VI access for the Mingarelli property.  Mr. Canane and Steven Bagley,  Road Agent inspected the location.  The Board verified that the Road Agent is authorized to execute the driveway permit.



The Board approved a Veterans Exemption for William and Sherry Farley, 08-560-008.



The Board executed the following Oaths of Office:

Diane O’Neil, Library Trustee for a term until March 2020

William Bastille, Library Trustee for a term until March 2019

Jane Williams, Library Trustee for a term until March 2020 – Selectman Baker will execute the appointment.



Mr. Canane reported that Carrie Thomas was relocating and resigning as Chair of the Planning Board. Mr. Canane discussed recognition of Ms. Thomas years of service as a Planning Board Member.

The Board reviewed and approved a quote from CWS Fence & Guardrails for guardrails in the amount of $14,040.00 for the Hominy Pot Bridge Project.   Site restoration has been completed and final payment for KA Stevens has been issued.  Paving for Hominy Pot is currently on the schedule for July 2017 barring any unforeseen circumstances.


The Board endorsed the Ridgerunners grant application for installation of a culvert on Poor Farm Road pursuant to RSA 236:9. A written request to the Board of Selectmen perform work on the Class VI section of Poor Farm road and written authorization from the Board of Selectmen is required prior to any road improvement activities.


The Board approved a request from Eversource to trim the Maple tree in front of Pillsbury Memorial Hall and requested removal of the wood. The Board discussed head-in parking at the Pillsbury Memorial Hall.  Phillips was instructed to research the requirements vis-à-vis a head-in parking for a historical building as well as the requirements for head-in parking and the number of vehicles that head-in parking could be accommodated.  A public hearing would be conducted prior to


The Board received recommendations from Diego Solimine for amendment of Disposal Fees at the Solid Waste Facility.  A public hearing to amend the fees will be required pursuant to 41:9-a will be required.  Selectman Baker suggested that informational brochures regarding recycling be distributed at the time of the public hearing.


The Board discussed billing Bradford for Sutton’s forest firefighter’s response to a forest fire on April 16, 2017 on Cressy Road.   Selectman Curless moved not to bill Bradford for the mutual response.  Selectman Baker seconded the motion which passed by a vote of 3-0.



The appointment with the Cemetery Trustees that was originally scheduled for May 8, 2017 will be rescheduled in June as requested by Marne Thompson, Cemetery Trustee. The meeting is scheduled to discuss cemetery repair projects.  Selectman Baker was authorized to discuss, on behalf of the Board, proposed repairs to the cemetery fences with Ms. Thompson.


The Board discussed the Warner Sutton follow up on the Warner/Sutton perambulation and boundary

matter. Selectman Wright provided a synopsis of how the perambulation was conducted and the report was compiled.  It was noted that Jae Whitelaw from the Mitchell Group will be reviewing the matter with Mr. Evans.  It was also noted that the Town has not received a proposal from Mr. Evans for additional services relating to the boundary issue.


The town is waiting for Primex to respond to the question regarding liability coverage for potential volunteer efforts to scrape the rear of the Old Store Museum. Selectman Wright added that this might be a good community service effort.  Regarding replacing the pulleys on the South Sutton Common flag pole, the Board will research the cost to hire an independent contractor to replace the pulleys or a volunteer would be required to provide a certificate of liability.


Linda Ford, Certified Town Clerk Tax Collector, provided a listing of the oldest registered voters in Sutton. Marne Thompson, Supervisor of the Checklist will also be consulted.  After engraving of the cane head is completed, the replica of the Boston Post Cane will be awarded to the oldest citizen.


Phillips reported that secured storage space has been made available for storage for the Town Clerk/Tax Collector and space is available for the ballot booths and table as well. Selectman Curless will follow up with the Clerk.  Arrangements will be made to have the highway crew assist with storage of the ballots and election tables in addition to having the locks re-keyed for the secure area for the Town Clerk/Tax Collector.  Obsolete computer equipment will be disposed of and options for shredding will be explored.  The Board also discussed disposition of the excess chairs in the cellar.


The Board received a sample bid document from the Town of Moultonborough for sale of tax deeded property. The bid process allows for the right of first refusal to abutters.  The Board is currently considering methods for the disposition of tax deeded property.



The Board noted the 2017 equalized valuation provided by the DRA which is used to compute tax abatements at $282,602,740 DRA Equalized 2016 Valuation.

The Board reviewed a written request from Mr. Dom Dominic of Kearsarge Regional Middle School requesting that trick or treating on a different date/Natures Classroom be held on a different date in order for the 140 +/- middle school students to participate as Nature’s Classroom is held the last week in October.   The sense of the Board was that the Town will observe Trick Treating on the traditional date of October 31, 2017.


The Board noted receipt of Knollwood Engineering’s Quarterly Testing Report at the Solid Waste Facility.



Selectman Baker will be meeting with Right Angle Engineering and Heidi Thoma, Librarian, to review the library ramp project. The Corporation Hill pedestrian bridge is in the process of fabrication.


The next regularly scheduled Selectmen’s Meeting will be conducted at 5:00 on May 17, 2017.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:58 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Elly Phillips

Town Administrator