Date of Meeting: Thursday, August 5, 2021 @ 7:00 pm


Members Present: Nancy Heckel (Chair); Jen Call; Emily Cooper; Marcy Vierzen (Treasurer)


Members Absent: Nancy Glynn (Recording Secretary), Elizabeth Geraghty (Library Director), Betsy Anderson (Alternate)


Note: This meeting was conducted in person with the option to ZOOM in for those who wished to 

do so. 


Public Present: No members of the public were present; No guests were present.



Roll Call, Introduction of Guests

The SFLBOT meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by Board Chair Nancy Heckel, and roll taken. There were no

members of the public present, and there were no guests present. Further, no members of any households of

Trustees were present within listening of this meeting.


Review of Minutes

Minutes from the 7/7/2021 meeting were reviewed with corrections made. 


Chair Heckel invited a motion to approve the minutes from the 7/7/2021 meeting. Board Member Jen Call made a motion to approve the minutes, as revised, seconded by Board Member Emily Cooper. The motion carried unanimously in the affirmative.



There was no correspondence noted. 



Financial/Treasurer’s Report


Board Member Marcy Vierzen noted the beginning balance of the Trustee Account for Sutton Free Library on July 1st was $9,563.90. A transfer was made from the Operating Account into the Trustee Account to assist in payment of the Kearsarge Shopper advertising bill of $330. As well, a check in the amount of $4,449.80 was debited from the Trustee Account to Barking Dog Story Walk Solutions, per the July Trustee meeting. With interest earned of $1.73 in the month of July 2021, the ending balance in the Trustee Account on July 31, 2021 was $4,985.53. 


Specifically regarding the Restricted Funds Books & Media (RFB&M), this account now has a balance of $0. Checks applied to this account  are:

April 2021: Check 2077, Baker & Taylor: $198.50 (Applied to RFB&M on July 7, 2021)… New Balance is now $26.42

June 2021: Check 2078, Baker & Taylor: $  26.42  of the check totaling $79.30 (Applied to RFB&M on July 7, 2021)


Balance in Restricted Funds, Books & Media, as of July 31, 2021 is $0.


Director’s Report


Chair Heckel read notes to the Board of Trustees that Library Director Elizabeth Geraghty had left behind to be read in lieu of her presence:


  • Library use and story times have remained steady since the re-opening of the SFL. Interlibrary Loan requests have started to pick up;
  • Yvonne Howard started working at SFL on July 19th on Monday evenings from 4-6pm; 
  • Reimbursement paperwork has been completed for the ARPA Round 1 grant for Storywalk ©);
  • The SHARP Grant application will be submitted 8/6/21;
  • Geraghty applied for a 3rd grant which offers funds for the following: 2 copies of Sy Montgomery’s book “Becoming a Good Creature” for our own Storywalk ® ; “Becoming a Good Creature” laminated on H stands; Storytelling by one of the six artists.
  • Geraghty noted a thank you to the Friends of SFL for using grant money previously acquired to contribute to the expenses of the Storywalk © project;
  • A library patron and member of the Friends of SFL offered to pay for a library pass membership to the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center in Concord, NH;
  • Museum passes have been updated on the website; Geraghty has created a subpage for each pass which includes museum info, photos, address, hours and details for use and restrictions of each pass.  


Chair Heckel made a motion to hire Yvonne Howard as a substitute librarian at the substitute librarian rate of pay, to be back paid as of Monday, July 19th. Member Call seconded the motion. The motion passed in the affirmative.


Building and Grounds


Board Member Call noted that Capitol Alarm had received a deposit to install the security cameras, panic buttons, and to upgrade the fire alarm. Call is currently waiting to hear back from Capitol Alarm to schedule a time for installation. 


Heckel read an email from Alternate Board Member Betsy Anderson, which noted that Brian Thompson will bring an itemized bill for gardening with May/June expenses. He will also discuss the cost and time of pruning the lilac at that point. 


As well, it was noted that Town Administrator Elly Phillips will be having inspections done on all Sutton town buildings, to ascertain any upcoming needs and costs.


Heckel noted that the Board of Selectmen approved the Storywalk © Project; with the only concerns raised pertaining to the safety of people, specifically regarding the proximity of the boards to the road and river. 


Funds in the form of donations for installation supplies are hoped to further alleviate the full cost of the Storywalk © installation at SFL. Not included in the total costs of this project are the following: Pressure treated wooden posts, cement for the holes which the posts will be set in, and labor for the installation of this project. The hope is for all or some of the previously mentioned costs to be donated.


Chair Heckel made a motion to replace the Faye Pugliese Memorial bush and move the plaque to the southwest corner of SFL. Member Vierzen seconded the motion. The motion passed in the affirmative.



Friends of Sutton Free Library


Call noted that the Friends of Sutton Free Library met on Wednesday, August 4, 2021, and agreed to pay the requested matching funds of $1,208 for the Storywalk © project; these funds will be reimbursed to the Trustee Account of Sutton Free Library, which paid $4,449.80 in July 2021 to Barking Dog Story Walk Solutions. 


The Friends of Sutton Free Library also made a request to have their own page on the Sutton Free Library Website. Trustees agreed that this would be a good addition to the new SFL website, and Vierzen offered to help the Friends set this up. Call also noted two other suggestions from The Friends:

  • The Friends of Sutton Free Library have a SMILES Amazon account, and this can be lined to the Friends website page. A SMILES Amazon account works the following way: Any time a customer makes a purchase through SMILES at Amazon, a small portion of that purchase is donated to the organization the customer notes as the recipient of their SMILES account. Patrons can select Friends of the Sutton Free Library Inc and a donation will be made to The Friends of Sutton Free Library, which will then be donated to SFL. The link is as follows: Select: Friends of the Sutton Free Library Inc. 
  • Check into a subscription service called Hoopla, which is a digital media service that allows library patrons to borrow movies, books, audiobooks, ebooks, comics and TV shows on a computer, tablet, phone or television. Titles are available for immediate streaming, or can be downloaded to watch or read offline at a later time. Libraries pay a minimal fee for this per item, rather than a subscription fee, of anywhere from $.99 to $2.00. Users can be capped on use (by month, etc). 




Board Member Vierzen reported that 8 more evaluation responses were received since the July 7, 2021 Trustee meeting, for a total of 25 submissions. Board Members reviewed responses, and discussed ways to get more feedback. Vierzen agree to check into getting a QR code, which can be scanned with a smartphone for instant connection to the questionnaire. This QR code can be added to the website, or printed on a piece of paper or notice for easier access to the questionnaire from patrons. 




  • Call: Determine with Geraghty if and how The Friends of Sutton Free Library can set up a web page from the new  SFL Website; Vierzen offered her time if needed to help set up the page;
  • Call: Contact Capital Alarm for scheduling of time for noted installation;
  • Vierzen: Draft a response to those who have so far completed the questionnaire, thanking them for their feedback;
  • Vierzen: Ascertain a QR Code for easy access to questionnaire by patrons;
  • Heckel: Work on the plant/memorial for the Faye Pugliese area;
  • Heckel: Letter to Lorri regarding the hiring of Yvonne Howard as a SFL substitute;
  • Heckel: Touch base with Geraghty regarding the status of library automation.


The next Sutton Free Library Board of Trustees Meeting is Tuesday, September 14 at 7pm.


Board Member Vierzen made a motion to adjourn the meeting, and this was seconded by Board Member Call.

The motion was carried unanimously in the affirmative. The Board of Trustees meeting ended at 9:15 pm.

Respectfully Submitted by 

Treasurer, Marcy Vierzen 

(Stand in for Nancy Glynn, Recording Secretary, who was unable to attend this evening’s meeting).