Corrected and Approved 

Date of Meeting: Tuesday, April 12, 2022 @ 7:00 pm 

Members Present: Nancy Glynn (Chair); Catherine Paden; Betsy Anderson (Alternate); Emily Cooper; Lauren Avery;Nancy Heckel via Zoom (Alternate); Marcy Vierzen (Treasurer); Tracy 

Mingarelli (Alternate); Elizabeth Geraghty (Library Director) 

Members Absent: none 

Note: This meeting was conducted on ZOOM for all present. The Board met in person at the Sutton Free Library for their Board of Trustees Meeting. The public, per the 

Governor’s Executive Order 2020-04, Section 8, Emergency Order #12 Section 3, 

had the option to Zoom in to this meeting. 

Public Present: 1 member of the public was present (Tom Schamberg, New Hampshire State Representative- Sutton and Wilmot) 


Roll Call, Introduction of Guests: 

The SFL BOT meeting was called to order at 7:03pm by Board Chair Nancy Glynn, and roll taken. There was one member of the public present: Tom Schamberg, New Hampshire State Representative- Sutton and Wilmot. No other members of any households of Trustees were present within listening of this meeting. 

Public comment: none 

Review of Minutes: 

Minutes from the 3/3/2022 meeting were reviewed with corrections made. Board Member Marcy Vierzen invited a motion to approve minutes from 3/3/2022, with revisions. Board Member Emily Cooper seconded the motion. The motion was carried unanimously in the affirmative. 


Board Member Vierzen submitted her letter of resignation for the SFL BOT effective in June 2022. The SFL BOT thanks Vierzen for her service. 

Director Elizabeth Geraghty reports receiving a letter and check from Susan Coulter in memory of Beth Cernek. Board Member Vierzen made a motion to accept the $500 in funds into the Trustee account. Board Member Cooper seconded the motion. The motion was carried unanimously in the affirmative. 


Financial/Treasurer’s Report: 

Board Member Vierzen noted the beginning balance of the Trustee Account for Sutton Free Library in March was $7,712.60 with $1.62 interest earned and a debit of $100 for a gift card to Jeff North for accounting help for an ending balance of $7,614.22. The beginning balance on the Operating account in March was $11,094.13, with an ending balance of $8,067.07. Charges to the Operating account included a Zoom monthly fee, payment to Eversource, payment to Huckleberry Propane, payment to Rocky’s Hardware for supplies, payments made to the Park Street Foundation for dues/conferences, payments made to Baker and Taylor and the Morgan Hill Bookstore for books and media, payment to the State of NH Criminal Records (background check), and payment for computer software to TechSoup. Interest earned on the Operating account for the month of March was $1.91. 

It was noted that QuickBooks was connected to the Operating Budget as an automatic renewal. Director Geraghty reports that she is waiting for a check from the town to pay operating expenses. 

Building and Grounds: 

Director Geraghty reports that Board Member Cooper called Floorcraft regarding the drain under the basement flooring. Floorcraft responded that they aren’t sure why the drain may have been covered and that they could remove the floor pieces to locate the drain. However, there’s a risk of the pieces breaking and they are discontinued. Board Member Vierzen will follow up with Floorcraft. Board Member Cooper suggested looking into basement solutions. 

There will be a public informational meeting on Monday, April 18, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. at the town hall for the Outside Library Message Board. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss a proposed message board to be sited on the grounds of the Sutton Free Library, 5 Corporation Hill Road, Sutton Mills, NH. 

Director’s Report: 

Director Geraghty reports great participation in the Tournament of Books for Read Across America in March with 239 votes cast. Also, each class from Sutton Central School has visited the Story Walk recently with around 100 visitors total. In May and June the Story Walk will feature local poetry. About 54 students and adults have submitted poems for the Story Walk. 

This year’s Summer Reading Program’s theme is “An Ocean of Possibilities.” Director Geraghty is looking into presenters for the program. 

Director Geraghty reports that the recently hired Library Assistant II, Angelline Little, is working out well. Hourly pay was discussed. Board Chair Glynn made a motion for starting pay at $14.00/hr. Board Member Cooper seconded the motion. The motion was carried unanimously in the affirmative. 

Director Geraghty reports a generous donation of leather bound classics from a Wilmot resident. 

Director Geraghty reports that the laptop hasn’t been purchased yet due to waiting on credit card and information about acquiring Microsoft Office. The SFL Friends were approved by Microsoft for donations available to nonprofits through TechSoup. They got 25 licenses for Microsoft Office for ten years. Director Geraghty also reports that she found a grant that would cover the laptop. She is looking into grants for library accessibility, such as hearing impairment. 


Director Geraghty reports that the Friends of SFL have been emailing but are not meeting at this time. 


Board Chair Glynn will contact Budget Committee Chair Bob DeFelice to discuss the MOU. 

The next Sutton Free Library Board of Trustees Meeting is Tuesday, May 10th at 7pm. 

Board Member Vierzen made a motion to adjourn the meeting, and this was seconded by Board Member Cooper. The motion was carried unanimously in the affirmative. The Board of Trustees meeting ended at 8:43 pm.