Corrected and Approved Minutes

Date of Meeting:  Tuesday, May 17, 2022 @ 7:00 pm

Members Present: Nancy Glynn (Chair); Catherine Paden; Emily Cooper; Lauren Avery; Marcy Vierzen (Treasurer);  Elizabeth Geraghty (Library Director)

Members Absent: none

Note: This meeting was conducted on ZOOM for all present. The Board met in person at the Sutton Free Library for their Board of Trustees Meeting. The public, per the Governor’s Executive Order 2020-04, Section 8, Emergency Order #12 Section 3, had the option to Zoom in to this meeting.

Public Present: 3 members of the public was present on Zoom (Chair of the Budget Committee Bob DeFelice; Tracy Mingarelli; Nancy Heckel) 



Roll Call, Introduction of Guests:

The Sutton Free Library Board of Trustees meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by Board Chair Nancy Glynn, and roll taken. There was 1 member of the public present on Zoom (Chair of the Budget Committee Bob DeFelice). Further, no members of any households of Trustees were present within listening of this meeting. 

Public Comments: 


Review of Minutes:

Minutes from the April meeting were reviewed with corrections made. Board Chair Nancy Glynn invited a motion to approve with revisions the minutes from the April meeting.  Board Member Lauren Avery made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Board Chair Glynn. The motion was carried unanimously in the affirmative.


Director Elizabeth Geraghty shared a thank you email from Susan Cernek for the StoryWalk update.  The StoryWalk is in memory of her mother, Beth Cernek.

Correspondence from the NHLTA was shared regarding yearly dues.  Director Geraghty will make the payment.  


There was lengthy discussion about the breach of the MOU agreement that will be shared at an upcoming Selectboard meeting.  Nancy Heckel and Board Member Marcy Vierzen shared some history regarding the MOU document for the library.  The SFLBOT requests that the MOU be added to an upcoming Selectboard meeting agenda. The SFLBOT invited Chair of the Budget Committee Bob Defelice to the MOU discussion with the town Selectboard.       


Financial/Treasurer’s Report:

Board Member Vierzen noted the beginning balance of the Trustee Account at Sugar River Savings Bank in April was $7,614.22 with $2.14 interest earned and a debit of $1,363.99 for the purchase of the director’s laptop and a StoryWalk invoice for an ending balance of $12,444.08. Credits include a $500 donation and a transfer of $5,691.71 from the operating account for the SHARP Grant used for the StoryWalk.  There were no new funds to accept.  The beginning balance on the Operating account in April was $8.067.07, with an ending balance of $25,774.59.  Interest earned on the Operating account for the month of April was $2.81.

Board Member Vierzen noted that there is currently $100.00 in restricted funds for books and media, carried over from 2022. This amount was incorrectly reported as $0 in the February and March Treasurer’s Reports. 

Board Chair Glynn reports that the Selectboard is requesting quarterly reports for the library operating accounts.    


Buildings & Grounds:

Board Member Emily Cooper has not been able to get a hold of the plumber but will try to contact another plumber.  Board Member Vierzen will follow up with Floorcraft regarding the basement drain.  Director Geraghty shared that an issue with the alarm system’s daily call-in time has been resolved.  


Director’s Report:

Director Elizabeth Geraghty noted that the StoryWalk now includes 65 poems submitted by local students and adults.  In addition, local author Matt Forrest Esenwine has recorded himself reading two of his poems for StoryWalk participants.  

The director’s laptop has been purchased and received.  The trustee account will be reimbursed once the grant is acquired.      

Director Geraghty shared that the printer has been replaced.  Board Chair Glynn made a motion to move $849.99 from the trustee account to the operating account to replace the supplies line item.  Board Member Cooper seconded. The motion was carried unanimously in the affirmative.

An update was given about the Summer Reading Program.  This year’s theme is “an Ocean of Possibilities” and will include various presenters that Director Geraghty has scheduled.  Presenters will include the LSPA, Matt Forrest Esenwine, Living Shores Aquarium, Blue Ocean Society, and Mr. Aaron, a local musician.  

Director Geraghty reported that one resident attended the Outside Bulletin Board Information Session and had no complaints.  

The SHARP grant purchases that will be made this month include the outside bulletin board, inside bulletin board, OWL meeting device, and activity backpacks.  

Director Geraghty shared a draft of the telescope borrower policy.  Suggestions for changes were given.  A motion was made to approve the policy with changes made.  Board Member Vierzen made a motion to approve the policy.  Board Member Avery seconded the motion.  The motion was carried unanimously in the affirmative.


Friends of Sutton Library Liaison/ NHLTA Liaison:

Director Geraghty reports that the Friends have recently met and will contact them for a copy of their minutes. 





SFLBOT Roles were decided.   Board Chair Glynn nominated Board Member Catherine Paden to be the treasurer.  The motion was carried unanimously in the affirmative.  Board Member Cooper will stay on as building and grounds.  Board Member Avery will be the Friends Liaison/NHLTA Liaison.  After the June SFLBOT meeting Director Geraghty will submit Board Member Vierzen’s letter of resignation to the town.  Tracy Mingarelli will be sworn in after this time.  

Board Chair Glynn shared about the Code of Conduct Policy meeting.  Board Chair Glynn reported that the SFLBOT suggested a separate committee to review any complaints, clarifying the social media piece, and clarifying what constitutes a valid complaint.  The selectboard will provide an updated code of conduct policy.     


The next Sutton Free Library Board of Trustees Meeting is Thursday, June 16  at 7pm.

Board Member Paden made a motion to adjourn the meeting, and this was seconded by Board Member Cooper. The motion was carried unanimously in the affirmative. The Board of Trustees meeting ended at 9:02 pm.