March 5, 2019 Town of Sutton- Sutton Free Library Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes
Present: Billl Bastille, Chairman; Elizabeth Geraghty, Library Director;
Yvonne Howard; Diane O’Neil; Betsy Anderson ; Nancy Heckel, Treasurer; Kristen Lombard
Guest: Tom Schamberg

Meeting opened at 7:03PM

February meeting minutes were reviewed and approved. (Kristen/Betsy)

Correspondence: Bill reported on School Scholarship fund. We will plan to give $100.00 to that fund.
Donations: Fritz Prat provided a donation of change which will be counted and deposited by the treasurer. Approved. (Betsy/Diane)

Treasurer’s report. Previous balance of $10,677.06. Donations totaling $49.60 deposited. Account total = $10, 726.60.

Committee Reports:
Ramp Project: Building Committee members will hold a meeting on March 21st, 2019 at 6 pm to discuss plans going forward.
Waiting to hear back from plumber and electrician.

Friends of Sutton Library update: Friends are interested in doing an Earth Day Activity – April 22, 2019 is Earth Day. Yvonne will attend the meeting tomorrow night.

Director’s Report:
Organizing a notebook of BOT minutes and information.
Blind Book Date Library Activity went well.
The LSPA provided a program on animal tracks this past week.
Several March Madness kid’s activities are planned.
Surveys are being created to hand out to patrons which will provide input on future offerings. A Newsletter is to be created which patrons can sign up to receive.
A Dr. Seuss Scavenger Hunt is planned.

Chimney Person – Town has a chimney person who will be scheduled to review needs at library.

Larry Harper has offered to provide a couple of presentations at the Library. The topics are of interest to adults.

Other Business
Policy Review:
The following Library policies were reviewed and adopted: (Nancy/Betsy)
Social Media Policy
Public Access Computer Use and Internet Acceptable Use Policy
Sutton Free Library Computer and Internet User Agreement Form

Meeting was adjourned at 08:06 PM
Next meeting to be held on Tuesday, April 2 , 2019
Respectfully submitted,
Diane O’Neil