April 11, 2019   Town of Sutton- Sutton Free Library Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes- Draft

Present: Bill Bastille, Chairman; Diane O’Neil; Elizabeth Geraghty, Library Director;

Diane Lander; Betsy Anderson; Nancy Heckel, Treasurer; Jennifer Call

Meeting opened at 7:09 PM


Welcome to our new BOT members; Diane Lander and Jennifer Call!

March meeting minutes were reviewed and approved with the following change. 

Bank account totaling $10,726.66 . (Diane/Nancy)  Approved.

Correspondence:   Trustee pamphlets were handed out.

Treasurer’s report.  Current balance in account is $10, 726.66. 

New funds:  Book sales and copy fees = $100.00   Donations: $50.00 from patron. $500.00 from Susan Coulter in Memory of Beth Cernak.     The full Committee voted to accept funds. Approved.

Committee Reports:

The Building Committee met March 1, 2019 with William Curless (Sutton Select Board) and

Bob DeFelice (Chair, Sutton Town Budget Committee).  Notes from that meeting were reviewed. Currently, the Ramp project is undergoing final review by the architect.  Once this review is completed we will be able to make further decisions and happily proceed with the project. 

There are concerns about the air conditioning system at the library.  We will need to have a technician check its operating abilities before turning it on this year.   There is someone coming this spring/summer to check the roof and the vent in the wall where there has been some inside dripping.  

The BOT talked about ongoing service, replacement and maintenance for the library building.  The BOT will begin to take an inventory of what is needed. We will explore what service agreements are currently in place and what agreements need to be created.   We will also determine what expenses are covered by the Town vs. the Library BOT. This will assist us in completing goals and a master plan going forward.  

To this end:  Nancy will speak with Elly and determine what agreements exist and inquire about funds.

The BOT members will review the Sutton Free Library Energy Audit which was completed in 2012 and other building inspection reports.   We will make an inventory based on this audit and current knowledge of the issues. We will complete a list what needs to occur to address the recommendations.  We will then determine priorities for goals and develop a master plan.    

Friends of Sutton Library update:    Update by Jen Call.  New Co -Presidents of Friends – Julie Griffins and Anita Baker. 

Director’s Report:

March Madness activities went well and enjoyed good participation.

April is Poetry Month.  April 24, 2019 there will be an Open House with Artist’s Talk based on the works of Robert Frost. This is a free show offered to libraries in NH.  The Friends will be helping by providing food and refreshments

Town volunteers interested in weeding and maintaining the gardens around the library have come forward.  The BOT is very thankful for their willingness to keep our library looking great.  

Elizabeth has spoken with Atrium, a company which provides automation of library catalogues.  She was impressed with their level of services and cost. She is waiting for additional quotes from other companies before making a proposal.

The BOT reviewed the line item budget.   There was discussion about adding line items for education and the yearly costs of automation.      The BOT will seek further understanding of BOT vs. Town fiscal responsibilities of maintenance and other line items going forward. 

Other Business: 

The BOT discussed the duties and division of labor among its members.  Each member was asked to think about their role as a Sutton Free Library Trustee.   It was agreed that Nancy Heckel will continue as Treasurer and Building Committee Member.  Diane Lander will assume the Secretarial duties. Jennifer Call will oversee Building/Maintenance issues and continue as a Friend of Sutton Free Library member.  Yvonne Howard will continue as our Friends of Sutton Free Library connection. Diane O’Neil will assume Chairperson duties. 

It was then agreed to go into Closed Session to discuss Personnel issues.     

Following the Closed Session, it was approved that Elizabeth Geraghty accrue benefits and vacation days on a pro-rated basis.   She is entitled to these benefits for consistently working 20 hours per week. This is paid for by the Town and does not impact the BOT line items.  (Diane/Nancy) Approved

Meeting was adjourned at 8:37 PM  

Next meeting to be held on Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Respectfully submitted,

Diane O’Neil