Date of Meeting: Tuesday, November 10, 2020 @ 7:00 pm 

Board Members Present Nancy Heckel (Chair); Jen Call; Diane Lander; Marcy Vierzen, Yvonne Howard,  Betsy Anderson (Alternate), Elizabeth Geraghty (Library Director) 

Note: This meeting was conducted on ZOOM for all present. Public Present: No members of the public were present for this meeting 

In light of COVID-19 Concerns and applicable executive and emergency orders, this evening’s Sutton Free  Library (SFL) Board of Trustees meeting is being held per the Governor’s Executive Order 2020-04 Section  8, Emergency Order #12 Section 3.  


Roll Call, Introduction of Guests 

The Sutton Free Library Board of Trustees (SFL BOT) meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm by Board  Chair Nancy Heckel and roll taken. No members of any households of Trustees or other members of the  public were present within listening of this meeting at the beginning of the meeting.  

Special Meeting  

Trustees noted that, due to the nature of this meeting designated as a special meeting to review the MOU  and the Library Budget specifically, minutes and matters from the October 27th meeting, scheduled in  place of the early November meeting due to the election, will be discussed in greater detail at the  December 1, 2020 Trustees meeting.  


Library Director Geraghty noted that the only correspondence she received was from the town regarding  the travel policy, which she briefly summarized. This town policy applies to employees of the Library. 


Financial/Treasurer’s Report 

Heckel received the cash from the book sale in the amount of $563, which she will deposit. This money  will be applied to the purchase of new books for the Library.  

Library Director Report 

Review of MOU 

The MOU draft was discussed, and Heckel will revise and update according to suggested changes. Board Member Jen Call made a motion to accept the corrections as discussed and noted, and Board Member Yvonne Howard seconded. The motion carried unanimously in the affirmative.  


Items for the proposed budget for the Library were reviewed line by line. There is a 1.5% increase in the  library budget from 2020 to 2021. Expenses regarding greater financial independence of the library were discussed, including time, responsibility, and costs of bookkeeping, as well as an additional two hours per  week added on to the position of Library Director to manage those added responsibilities. Additionally, quotes were discussed regarding an alarm system, panic button(s) and cameras, with the security of the  library a priority. In the interest of saving money in the 2021 budget, line items such as training had $0  allotted to them.  

Heckel invited a motion on the library budget. Board Member Vierzen made a motion to approve the  revised budget as proposed with the changes discussed. Call seconded the motion. The motion carried  unanimously in the affirmative. 

Upcoming meetings 

Mon, Nov 16 @ 4pm: Select Board Meeting (Geraghty and Anderson present SFL budget) Mon, Nov 23 @ 6:15pm: Budget Committee Meeting (Geraghty and Trustee) 

Mon, Nov 30 @ 4pm: Select Board Meeting (Marcy Vierzen will attend) 

Tues, Dec 1 @ 7pm: SFL Trustee Meeting 


With no further business to discuss, Chairperson Heckel invited a motion to adjourn the special meeting. Board Member Vierzen made a motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Board Member Call. The motion carried unanimously in the affirmative. The meeting was adjourned at 8:47pm.