Board of Trustees


  •  Mission

    • The Mission of the Sutton Free Library is to support inquiry, literacy and collaboration. The trustees recognize that achievement of this mission requires ongoing community input as well as partnership with local and regional entities.


  • Membership

    • Trustees must be residents of Sutton, NH.
    • The staggered term of office of trustees shall be 3 years. Successive terms are not limited.
    • The number of trustees is 5.


  • Meetings

    • Regular meetings are held each month, at dates and times established by the Board at the beginning of the library year (April Meeting).
    • Meetings are governed by a relaxed application of Robert’s Rules.
    • These meetings shall be open to the public as described in the NH Open Meeting Law (RSA 91-A:2).
    • Notice of SFL BOT meetings are posted in at least three public places at least 24 hours beforehand.
    • Draft Minutes of SFL BOT meetings are available at the library within five days of the meeting for public scrutiny.
    • Special meetings are held at the call of the Chair or any three trustees.


  • Responsibilities

    • Funding – The trustees are responsible for preparing an annual budget in accordance with RSA 32, presenting and defending the budget to the town budget committee, and supervising and expending the budget. Trustees have complete jurisdiction over these expenditures.
    • Bylaws – The board of library trustees has a permanent set of bylaws (RSA 202-A:11,1).
    • Policies – In accordance with RSA 202-A:11,1, the trustees establish policies which cover all facets of library operation. The board of Trustees sets policies and the staff carries them out.
    • Personnel – The board is responsible for hiring a library director who is not a trustee and, in consultation with the director, all other employees of the library.
    • Warrant articles – The trustees may need to prepare, present, and defend special warrant articles for consideration at town meeting.
    • Trustees make annual reports at the conclusion of the fiscal year to the town and to the state librarian in accordance with RSA 202-A:12, and to the office of the attorney general as required by RSA 202-A:12,a.
    • Trustees should be aware of funds and/or grants that become available from private, state and federal sources.
    • Trustees carefully evaluate insurance needs.
    • The trustee board studies and implements services consistent with the New Hampshire State Library’s standards and guidelines.
    • The trustee board represents the community in support of the library and its services, and advocates for the library within the community.
    • Trustees shall post notice of their meetings, minutes and policies in conjunction with RSA 91-A, Right-to-Know Law.


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Board Members
First Name Last Name Position Term Expires
Kim Dean Trustee 2027
Lauren Avery Trustee 2025
Nancy Glynn Trustee 2027
Tracy Mingerelli Treasurer 2026
Catherine Paden 2025
Robert Wright Jr Trustee of Trust Fund 2026
Betsy Anderson Alternate 2023