The Sutton Conservation Commission (SCC) is collecting information of the flora, fauna, geology & history on Sutton’s conservation lands.  If you find an interesting natural or historic feature, submit it to us (with a picture if possible) for posting on our website. Email  us  at


Submitted by Betsy Forsham on February 4, 2021:  “Did a nice snowshoe on the loop this afternoon plus a few off trail asides. One of them was to see the attached.  It was down a small embankment, near the river, just before the giant erratic.  I feel sorry for the deer but everyone has to eat.  I had seen coyote  tracks all around.”

Deer carcass at Webb/Crowell

Feast for hungry coyotes


An afternoon view across the Lane River wetlands toward South Sutton from the Webb/Crowell Forest “Loop Trail”, February 2021

Webb/Crowell vista

Looking towards South Sutton from Webb/Crowell viewpoint


Here is a link to a detailed map showing all of the conservation lands in Sutton with developed trail systems: trail map