Elly Phillips, Town Administrator

Pillsbury Memorial Hall
93 Main Street
Sutton Mills, NH 03221

Phone: (603) 927-2403

Office Hours: The hours as listed for the "Office of the Administrator" (page on Town website).


Participation Wanted for Hazard Mitigation:

Join the Town’s Hazard Mitigation Committee to discuss the past and potential natural, human, or technological hazard events in Sutton and the risk to critical facilities and vulnerable areas in the Town.

We’ll identify the Town’s capabilities for mitigating disaster events.

Tell us what matters to you. Help us develop Actions to better protect people, buildings, infrastructure, business, and property from natural hazards.


Public Notice Upcoming Meetings:    Public Notice Poster

Agenda Meeting 1 – 11-14-2018

Handout 1 – Meeting 1 – 11-14-2018

Handout 2 – Meeting 1 – 11-14-2018

Summary Meeting 11-14-18


Agenda Work Session 1 11-28-2018

WS1 Critical and Community Facilities Sutton 2019 11-28-18

WS1 FYI Sutton Stream Crossing Data Map 5 11-28-18

WS1 Flood Haz Defs for Map Update Sutton HMP 11-28-18

WS-1 Meeting Summary


Agenda Work Session1.2 12-19-18

WS 1.2 Critical and Community Facilities


Agenda Meeting 2 – 01-30-19

M2 Critical and Community Facilities Sutton HMP 01-30-19

M2 Goals and Objectives

M2 Flood Hazards Map

Flood Hazards to Update


Agenda WS2.2 Sutt HMC 02-27-19


Agenda M3 Sutt HMC 04-10-19

M3 Identify 2014 Action Status Sutt 2019 04-10-19

M3 Develop Mitigation Action Plan Sutt 2019 04-10-19

Agenda WS3 Sutt HMC 05-08-19


Agenda WS3.3 Sutt HMC 05-22-19

WS3.2 Action Prioritization ESTAPLEE Sutt 05-22-19

WS3.2 Completed Mitigation Action Plan for Reference Sutt 05-22-19


Agenda M4 Sutt HMC 07-10-19 (002)

M4 Draft Sutton Cover TOC Chap 1 07-10-19


Agenda WS4 Sutt HMC 07-17-19 (002)

Appendix B- Annual Evaluation and Implementation Worksheets Sutton HMP 2019

WS4 Draft Agenda PIM for HMC Members Sutt 07-17-19

WS4 Draft Agenda PIM for Public Sutt 07-17-19



Board Members
First Name Last Name Position Term Expires
Matt Grimes Emergency Management Director
Cory Cochran Fire Chief
Jonathan Korbet Police Chief
Adam Hurst Assistant Road Agent
Wendy Grimes Rescue Chief
Diego Solimine Solid Waste/Transfer Station Supervisor
Robert Wright Jr. Selectman
Bonnie Hill Conservation Commission Member
Glenn Pogust Planning Board Member
Robert DeFelice Budget Committee Chair
Elly Phillips Town Administrator