Summer Wildflowers

Here is an illustrated list of some of the wildflowers in bloom
right now in Sutton’s open spaces.



NH BioBlitz – Coming this September!



A view of the newly built board ramp at Sutton’s Webb/Crowell Reservation.  This ramp was financed and constructed by Matthew Churchwell and his New London Eagle Scout Troop. The Sutton Conservation Commission is grateful to Matthew and his troop for helping make our Webb/Crowell trail system more accessible and inviting to use by the general public.

Here is a link to an article about the project from the InterTown Record: Eagle Scout Article

Below is a shot of a group of hikers from the Council on Aging’s “Outdoor Recreation for Seniors” (ORFS) hike in the Fall of 2020. The group is crossing the Lane River and about to walk across the new boardwalk.


Shown below, Sutton’s historian Jack Noon leads a hike on the old (and historic) Eaton Grange Road of South Sutton, on a beautiful fall day in 2020.