In accordance with RSA 36-A:5, the Commission receives an annual operating budget as approved at Town Meeting, which covers secretarial services, supplies, expenses, and membership dues for the above professional organizations, as well as registration fees for members’ attendance at a variety of educational seminars and programs. The Commission maintains a general Conservation Fund and… Read More

Currently, the Conservation Commission is responsible for the protection, utilization, monitoring and management of fourteen properties including: 75 acres of mixed woods and fresh water wetland along Wadleigh Hill Road, extending from the outflow from Kezar Lake of the Lane River to beyond the Pressey Bridge, known as the “Town Forest/Tree Farm.” 5.2 wooded acres… Read More

The Sutton Conservation Commission reminds owners of forest land that your timber is a valuable asset. Be wary of unsolicited offers to log your land or buy timber. Before you have your property logged, we strongly recommend you: Hire a licensed professional forester to represent your financial interests and to protect the long-term health and… Read More