Selectmen's Office -- Elly or Lorri, Peter Stanley

93 Main Street
Sutton Mills, NH 03221

Phone: (603) 927-2402

By appointment.

The planning board essentially has three roles:

I. The planning role, in which the board establishes a vision for the future of its community and identifies the steps necessary to achieve that vision;

II. The legislative role, in which the board proposes ordinances and enacts regulations—the rules by which to achieve the vision; and

III. The regulatory role, in which the board applies the ordinances and rules to specific situations in fulfillment of the vision.

The Sutton Planning Board meets at the Pillsbury Memorial Hall, 93 Main Street, Sutton Mills, NH on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm.

Notices of regular meetings are posted at the Sutton Town Hall, the North Sutton Post Office, and the South Sutton Post Office.  They are also posted on the Town’s “Meeting Minutes — Planning Board” web page, distributed via the Town’s web based “News” email, and included in the Town’s online calendar.

Notices of the formal submission of and public hearing on applications are posted at the Sutton Town Hall, the North Sutton Post Office, and the South Sutton Post Office and may be published in the InterTown Record.  They are also posted on the Town’s “Notice of Public Hearing — Planning Board” web page and distributed via the Town’s web based “News” email.

Applications must be received by the Land Use Coordinator by the 15th of the month prior to the next month’s meeting (e.g., by January 15 for the February meeting).  Planning Board applications and other forms are available at the Sutton Town Hall and are posted, and available for review and download, on the Town’s “Regulations and Permits” web page (


The Planning Board Rules of Procedure can be reviewed at the following link:   Planning Board Rules of Procedure


Community Survey

2020 Sutton Master Plan Update


The Sutton Planning Board is updating the Town’s 2005 Master Plan. The Master Plan is used to guide the future character, physical form, and development of a community. It helps local decision-making concerning budgets, ordinances, capital improvements, zoning and subdivision regulations, and other related issues.


The Planning Board has been meeting with local groups to discuss the future of Sutton. Important themes have included Sutton’s RURAL ATMOSPHERE, SENSE OF COMMUNITY, and HISTORIC VILLAGES. As part of the Master Planning process, we are asking residents to provide input on a Community Survey. This is a follow up to the group meetings completed to date. Your responses are completely anonymous and are vital in understanding the Town’s current needs and priorities for the next 5 to 10 years.


An online version of the Community Survey can be found here:


If you would like to print a copy of the survey to fill out by hand it can be found here: Sutton Master Plan Community Survey. The surveys can be returned to Peter Stanley, Planning and Zoning Administrator at the Town Hall.

Planning Board Proposed Amendment Language

for consideration on the March 10, 2020 Ballot 

Proposed Zoning Amendment Legal Non-Conforming Definitions

Proposed Zoning Amendment Language

Board Members
First Name Last Name Position Term Expires
Peter Blakeman Member 2023
Roger Wells Planning Board Chair 2021
Debbie Lang Vice-Chair 2022
David Angeli Planning Board Member 2023
Bill Curless Ex-Officio 2021
Jim Lowe Member 2021
Glenn Pogust Member 2022
David Hill Alternate 2022