The Warner River Local Advisory Committee needs
Sutton Representatives

The Warner River Local Advisory Committee (WRLAC) is seeking to add one or two delegates to serve on the committee representing Sutton.

Our responsibilities include advising NHDES and town committees on any activities that might occur within a one quarter mile boundary on either side of the river that might affect its wellbeing.
The committee is composed of delegates from the five riverfront towns: Bradford, Sutton, Warner, Hopkinton,  and Webster. We currently meet bimonthly,  and if circumstances dictate, more frequently.
If you are interested in preserving the continued health of the  river and have further questions,  please contact Sutton delegate Pete Savickas at email PAS347@AOL.COM  for additional info. Thx.

The Sutton Conservation Commission (SCC) welcomes volunteers to assist with:

• Trail Maintenance
• Habitat Improvement
• Sign Design and Preparation
• Research
• Interpretation
• Hike Leaders

Scheduled workdays will be posted at KHR, public places in Sutton and on the Town of Sutton Web


Volunteer to do light maintenance on your favorite trail on your own schedule.
For more information on volunteering or Adopt-a-Trail contact the SCC by emailing