Dan Sundquist, Chair

c/o Town of Sutton
93 Main Street
Sutton, NH 03221

Phone: (603) 927-2400 (Selectmen's Office)

Meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.


Special Notice:  At its regular meeting of 2/21, and after comments heard at the public information session on Warrant Article 15 to see if the Town will reclassify a portion of Kings Hill Road from Class 6 road to Class A trail status, the commission voted unanimously to make a motion at Town Meeting to table the article for further study.



The Sutton Conservation Commission is a member of the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, the New Hampshire Association of Conservation Commissions, Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust, New Hampshire Lakes Association, Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway Coalition.

In addition, the Commission routinely works in close coordination with a variety of State agencies, including the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Wetlands Bureau, New Hampshire Department of Economic Resources and Development Trails Bureau, New
Hampshire Division of Forestry and Lands, New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension Services, University of New Hampshire Environmental Studies Program.


The Conservation Commission meets once a month, or more frequently as required, for the purposes of:

  • reviewing current applications for wetlands activity, and preparing comments to the Wetlands Bureau if appropriate;
  • reviewing proposed timber harvests, and submitting comments to the Town’s Timber Monitor if appropriate, and particularly in light of potential impact to adjacent or on-site wetlands;
  • development of land protection criteria and researching potential conservation lands within Sutton which meet those criteria;
  • development of outreach efforts and preparation of educational presentations;
  • facilitation and preparation of conservation easements and other open space protective measures;
  • preparation of management plans for properties currently under the auspices of the Sutton Conservation Commission, and scheduling implementation of those plans as well as monitoring efforts, often in coordination with Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust.


King Hill Reservation Map          King Hill Reservation Guide

The members of the Conservation Commission are appointed by the Selectmen.

Board Members
First Name Last Name Position Term Expires
* * Selectmen's Representative 2019
Dan Sundquist Chair 2019
Debbie Lang Alternate 2019
Henry Howell Member 2020
Jane Williamson Member 2020
Chuck Bolduc Member 2020
Chris Ashton Member 2021
Don Davis Member 2021
Barbara Hoffman Alternate Conservation Commission 2021