APPROVED 02/08/2012
Sutton Conservation Commission
Meeting Minutes
Wednesday January 11, 2012 @ 6:30 p.m.

Present: Betsy Forsham; Chair, Rachel Rupple, Ron Murray, Don Davis, Garrett Evans, Jean LaChance, Leslie Ward, Ricia McMahon and Ben Dobrowski.

6:30p.m. Betsy opened the meeting. The Board welcomed interested citizen, Wally Baker, who joined them tonight.

Previous Meeting Minutes:
A motion was made by Jean and seconded by Ricia to approve the minutes of December 14, 2011 as amended. Unanimously approved.

The SCC Town Account, as of the end of 2011, was $4,014.35, which leaves 14.24%. The Conservation Account was $75,704.35, the KHR Fund $10,197.97, for a total in the Conservation Fund of $ 85,902.32. There were expenditures of $200 from the KHR Fund for the repairs to Penacook Path.

Betsy updated those members not at the last meeting regarding the decision not to change the written purpose of the Capital Reserve Fund.

A reminder to the Board the final Budget Committee hearing will be February 9th at 7 p.m.

Betsy reported she received a complaint of vehicular/OHRV use on Pound Road, a Class VI road. Betsy and Garrett then visited the site. She added she responded by sending out a general letter to everyone on the road reminding them of the regulations. She included a poster on off road use and wetlands impact. Copies were sent to the Board of Selectmen and the Chief of Police. They also put up a replacement yellow, class 6 road sign while they were there.

Betsy received a letter from Paul Bohn regarding his decision to pursue grants for invasive species eradication. He was looking for support from the SCC and the Board of Selectmen. Betsy communicated it was a good idea and asked him to come to the February SCC meeting to discuss it further.

A motion was made by Rachel and seconded by Ron for Betsy, or another Board member, to be authorized to provide Mr. Bohn with a letter of support for his grant application, provided Mr. Bohn presents more details about the project.


Betsy reported a new representative was needed for the Ausbon Sargent Outreach Committee. Leon Malan, a past SCC member, had been continuing as the member for Sutton but was no longer able to do so. The group meets quarterly. Betsy said she filled in for the most recent meeting. Don and Jean are interested.

Betsy reported at the Ausbon Sargent Outreach Committee meeting it was announced there would be a “Green Eggs and Ham” environmental policy breakfast on the 17th, sponsored by Conservation NH. Ricia will be attending. There is a Web site of the organization for further details.

There were none.

Intents to Cut:
Daniel Baker, Route 114, T/M # 06-193,056, cutting 50 of 50 acres. Baker is the logger. There are no wetland issues.

Old Business:
There was none.

New Business:
The Board discussed Rachel’s draft of the Town Report submission and thanked her for her work. She will make the changes and email all the final submission. She will submit the report to Elly by the 20th. Don will check to see if he can get any pictures from the Leffert/Enroth trail hike. Garrett will see if he has any animal pictures.

Betsy reported she received a letter from the Attorney General’s Office, Department of Justice, dated 12/28/11, addressed to the SCC Chair and the Board of Selectmen. The letter is regarding Patten Environmental Trust Inc. and the Attorney General’s search for a successor holder to the orphaned conservation easements on Kearsarge Valley Road, resulting from the Trust’s dissolution. There are two easements, one a preservation one. There was discussion as to whether Sutton is interested in adopting the easements. The subject will be revisited.

SCC Properties:
Garrett reported he had viewed the Roby Road potential access to the Webb/Crowell property and had ascertained it was not a feasible alternative. There are abutters to the Webb/Crowell property, the Stockwells, who have expressed interest in protecting some of their property. They also offered to help with the trails. They have also downed a tree across the Lane River that may be a useable bridge for the SCC. Garrett will look into this further for the next meeting.

A motion was made by Betsy and seconded by Jean to have Garrett walk with the Stockwell’s and research the potential for their help.

Other Business:
Betsy reported to the Board about current Legislative Bills that could impact the Town of Sutton’s Conservation Commission, especially Bills 1512, 1540 and 1545. It was agreed there will be no Board action, but individuals may pursue contacting their legislators and committee members if they wish.

Jean reported she spoke with Charlie Whitemore and Anita Blakeman. They will be looking at the trees on the Russell Pond property within the next few weeks. Betsy said she thought someone from the SCC should go with them. Anita expressed she would be happy to come speak to the Board, or to work with them as needed. Charlie indicated he would be willing to paint any wooden signs the SCC had for its properties.

9:07 p.m. A motion was made by Ron and seconded by Garrett to adjourn the meeting. Unanimously approved.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jennifer Swett