Town of Sutton

Planning Board

93 Main Street, Sutton Mills NH


Notice is hereby given in accordance with RSA 675:7 that the Sutton Planning Board will hold a public hearing on Tuesday January 21, 2020, at a meeting beginning at 7:00PM at the Pillsbury Memorial Hall, 93 Main Street, Sutton, NH on proposed revisions to the Sutton Zoning Ordinance. The revisions were prepared by the Planning Board and the effect of the proposed amendments would be to:

  1. To add the following definitions: Legal Nonconforming Building or Structure; Legal Nonconforming Lot; Legal Nonconforming Use.
  2. To revise Article VII. Section A.1 to extend the duration of time that a nonconforming use may be discontinued and still maintain grandfathered status.
  3. To revise Article VII. Section A.2 and Article VII. Section A.4 to clarify the threshold for expanding a nonconforming use.
  4. To revise Article VII. Section B.1-3 to clarify what changes can be made to legal nonconforming building or structure and to provide some limited expansion opportunities that do not require approval of a zoning variance by the Zoning Board of Adjustment.
  5. To revise Article VII. Section C to clarify the status of legal nonconforming lots with less than adequate area or frontage than may be required by the zoning ordinance.
  6. To eliminate Article VII, Section D as an unnecessary and contradictory provision of the regulations.
  7. To enact certain administrative revisions to the Ordinance including formatting, changes to the table of contents, title page, revision dates, spelling corrections, page numbers, throughout the document as may result from making any or all of the aforementioned changes.

Copies of the proposed zoning amendments are available for review online at, or at Sutton Town Hall, 93 Main Street, Sutton Mills, NH during normal business hours.


Town Hall Hours

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00AM-4:00PM