Town of Sutton Selectmen Meeting Minutes


Sutton Conservation Commission

Draft Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Sutton SCC was unable to hold its March 18th meeting at Town Hall because the threat of Covid-19 made it potentially unsafe for the members to be in close physical proximity, and the Town of Sutton does not yet have in place a tele-conferencing system that would allow the SCC to meet under the eye of the public.

However, the terms of two members of the commission will expire at the end of March, before the April meeting takes place, and the Town of Sutton required the commission to vote on appointing these two members (Henry Howell and Chuck Bolduc) to another term, before the end of March. Both were willing to serve another three year term.

For the reasons given above, Co-Chair Henry Howell declared an “emergency” voting session on March 19th, to be held via email, with no public input possible.

Amy Highstrom made a motion to recommend that Henry Howell and Chuck Bolduc both be re-appointed to the Sutton Conservation Commission for a 3 year term ending March 2023. Debbie Lang seconded the motion. On March 20th Co-Chair Henry Howell asked the members if there was any discussion, and each member replied via email that there was not. Since Wally Baker does not have email, his answer was delivered by Don Davis. On March 22nd, Henry asked for a roll call vote of “yea”, “nay” or “abstain” from each member of the commission, and each responded via email, with Wally responding via Don.

The result of the vote was unanimous, as follows:


Member                                   Henry Howell             Chuck Bolduc


Henry Howell                         yea                               yea

Wally Baker                            yea                               yea

Barbara Hoffman                    yea                               yea

Debbie Lang                           yea                               yea

Don Davis                               yea                               yea

Chuck Bolduc                         yea                               yea

Amy Highstrom                      yea                               yea


Chuck and Henry will report to Town Hall to be sworn in when it re-opens for business.


Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Hill, secretary