Town of Sutton Selectmen Meeting Minutes


Sutton Conservation Commission


Wednesday, February 12, 2020

  • Review minutes of January 8, 2020
  • Financial Report

— SCC Budget Review for 2020.

— New forms for paying bills and getting reimbursement for expenses.

  • Correspondence

— Letter from SPNHF thanking SCC for the $100 membership renewal gift.

— Email from NHACC thanking SCC for the membership renewal gift.

— Letter from ASLPT with copies of 2019 easement monitoring reports for the Emerson, Enroth and Putnam properties.  .The reports indicate that no issues with the properties were observed.

Lakeside, quarterly publication of NH Lakes, Winter 2020 edition. Articles on legislative advocacy, de-icing, achieving LakeSmart status, and more.

  • Review of Wetland Applications and Issues

— Review of new state rules for wetlands.

  • Review of Intents to Cut and Logging Issues

— TBD.

  • Old Business

— Review of Strategic Action Plan

— Update: Horse Beach parking issues – KLNA, KLPA & NSIS.

  • Warrant article needed for the “Maintenance Agreement”?

— Final draft of SCC Annual Report.

  • New Business

— Status of KHR mowing 2020 schedule.

— SCC publicity.

— NHACC 2020 update of SCC members.

Trail Maintenance and Development

— King Hill Reservation (KHR):

  • Trail tree removal
  • Hominy Pot kiosk
  • Next Meeting:  TBD, because of Town Meeting.