Town of Sutton Selectmen Meeting Minutes


Sutton Conservation Commission

Agenda for Remote Meeting due to Covid-19 Emergency

Wednesday,  April 14, 2021

To Access our meeting: 

By Phone:      +1 (872) 240-3212      One-touch: tel:+18722403212,,872585925#                  Access Code: 872-585-925


Statement of emergency and identification of participants per Covid-19 remote meeting guidelines.


Appointment:  7:00 PM: Ken Milender speaking about the Warner River Local Advisory Committee 



  • Review minutes of March 17, 2021.


  • Financial Report

Check for $58 received from King Hill Homeowners Assoc. reimbursing SCC for KHR kiosk damage.

  • Correspondence

— Email from Lorri Himes clarifying our bill paying procedures.

— Email from Elly Philips regarding re-appointments for Debbie and Don and appointment of Jim Morris.

— Email from NHACC regarding Lunch and Learn zoom session on “Maps, Data, Action – Working for Wildlife and Habitats” April 21st at noon.

— NHACC March 2021 eNews newsletter with info about the state-wide BioBlitz, grant opportunities, NH Timberland Owners Assoc. workshops, and more.

— Email exchange with Anne Payeur of ASLPT regarding community service help with SCC nature trail and citizen science projects.


  • Review of Wetland Applications and Issues

— Copy of a Request for More Information on a Standard Dredge and Fill Wetlands Permit application from DES for M. Gross and J. Hastings of Shaker St, T/L# 09-668-062, DES File # 2021-00047.

— Copy of a Utility Maintenance Activity Statutory Permit-by-Notification from Eversource Energy for vegetative maintenance within ROW. Impacted resources include a temporary non-tidal wetland, temporary intermittent stream crossing, and temporary perennial stream or river crossing.


  • Review of Intents to Cut and Logging Issues

— None.


  • Old Business

— Choosing a forester for KHR.


  • New Business

Prioritizing Sutton’s conservation lands for public access

— Discussion topics for ASLPT ‘Spring Roundtable’

— Focus projects for SCC in 2021


  • Publicity


  • Trail Maintenance and Development

— Trail Advisory Committee Report

> Spring trails clean up volunteer day

> GIS map of KHR created as high school project

> Donation system for KHR to help with mowing, plowing and maintenance costs.

  • Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 12th, 2021 at 6:30 PM.