APPROVED 12/14/2011
Sutton Conservation Commission
Meeting Minutes
November 9, 2011 @ 6:30 p.m.

Present: Betsy Forsham:Chair, Don Davis, Garrett Evans, Jean LaChance, Leslie Ward, Rachel Ruppel, Ron Murray and Ben Dobrowski,. (Ricia McMahon was absent).
6:30 p.m. Chair Betsy Forsham opened the meeting.

The Board welcomed Ben Dobrowski, the new alternate.

Previous Minutes:
A motion was made by Garrett and seconded by Jean to accept the minutes of October 12, 2011 as written. Unanimously approved.

Financial Reports:
Betsy reported that the Town account balance, as of the end of October, was $1,458.98, which is 50.14% of the budget. There were expenditures for workshops, mowing Enroth and an ad. The Conservation Fund account total was $86,080.75, with $75,685.36 in the Conservation Fund and $10,395.39 in the KHR sub-account.

There was review of Rachel’s draft narrative for the SCC capital improvements program request.
A motion was made by Jean and seconded by Leslie to request $20,000 for the capital improvements program and to accept Rachael’s letter. Unanimously approved.

– Betsy noted the letter from Dechenes in the InterTown Record.
– A program through UNH Cooperative Extension and DES on Forest Laws for Municipal Officials, December 8th, in Newbury.
– Misc.

Review of Wetlands Applications and Permits:
Betsy reported there was a Land Resources complaint, #2011-02339, dated 10/19/2011 and T/L #10-223-022 on Hominy Pot Road for a possible wetlands violation.

Betsy noted a copy of the wetland restoration work report, prepared by NCSS for the Paul property was received, T/L #08-097-387, Keyser Street. It was sent to DES on 10/22/11.

Review of Intents to Cut and Logging Issues:
There were none.

Old Business:
Rachel reported the rubber strips the Board agreed to purchase had sold out for this year. This will be looked into again next year.

New Business:
Betsy reported on the meeting she attended of the area Conservation Commission chairs with Ausbon Sargent on October 27th. Seven of the twelve towns were represented. Bob Brown, the chair of New London is involved in a lot of trail work. He had suggested the Merrimack County Diversion Group and/or adult inmates from the State prison may be sources for trail work help. It was also mentioned that Trout Unlimited and brook trout grants from Fish and Game might be possible sources of grant money for bridges, either on Penacook Path or at Webb/Crowell.

The Board discussed the potential for creating handicapped accessible trails and possibly ATV use by the handicapped on existing trails. Don will look into this some more.

The discussion of grants for invasive species will be discussed at another meeting.

Don had several samples of Voluntary Indemnity forms for Board review, both group and individual forms from the State. Don gave the drafts to Betsy to be filed. Betsy will check with Bob Brown and Elly.

Rachel met with Central NH Planning Commission on October 27th regarding bicycles, pedestrians and other safety issues on State roads in Town. Many areas in Town were looked at. The biggest issue was the North Sutton village where all the roads come together at the sharp corner by Vernondale’s. The State is interested in designing a solution in this area. Jennifer Swett added the Planning Board had a discussion on this issue and will be asking for a landscape architect to be included in the designing to help insure the solution is compatible with the rural character of the Town.

Betsy passed out the draft of the new roster and corrections were made. She will email out the final copy with changes.

Review of SCC Properties and S-R-K Greenway Reports:
Betsy passed around the quotes that had been received for the Maple Leaf parking area. Matt Ordway declined the offer to bid. Kevin Rowe’s bid was $4,775 and Harold Rowe Jr. (Chipper’s) bid was $4,220.

A motion was made by Jean and seconded by Leslie to go with the bid of Harold Rowe Jr. of $4,220 for the parking lot.
The motion was rescinded as it was realized the work might not be able to be done until the Spring, and the bids might not be quarenteed for that long a period.

Betsy will call Chipper and ask if his bid is good for that long. If so, then the Commission agree to award him the job. If not, it will be revisited in the Spring and bids will be solicited again, if necessary. Garrett will call Paul Parker to see if a culvert is available. A public hearing is needed to expend the funds from the Conservation Fund for this project.

Betsy passed around the quotes that had been received for work on Penacook Road. Matt Ordway’s bid was$2,800 and included more extensive work. Kevin Rowe’s bid was $1,440 and Harold Rowe Jr. (Chipper’s) bid was $1,100. There was discussion of going with a bridge verses the culverts to help with fish migration. Grants may be possible for that. It would mean getting a wetlands permit. There is a similar bridge in existence on Bob Defelice’s property that Betsy would like to view. The Board decided this may be something to do in the future, but not at this time.

A motion was made by Jean and seconded by Ron to go with the bid of Harold Rowe Jr. of $1,100 for repairs to Penacook Road. Unanimously approved.

A public hearing is not needed to expend the funds for this project. Betsy will let Chipper know he can start.
Betsy will call or send letters to those not chosen and thank them.

There was to be mowing at the King Hill Reservation on October 30th but it was snowed out! There will be no mowing this year. The Fish and Game funds will still be available for next year.

The Board discussed the large quantity of old snowmaking pipe still in the ground at the King Hill Reservation. It may be possible to use some of it for the Web/Crowell bridge, or to raise some money. Ausbon Sargent would need to be consulted before any excavation could take place.

It was noted the boundary line at Russell Pond is right in the middle of the driveway and either an easement should be granted or a small piece of the land should be sold.

It was noted that one of the boundary lines at Russell Pond goes through a small portion of the driveway to the Ralph Carroll property. Betsy said there has been discussion in the past of either selling that portion to the property owner or granting an easement permitting its use for the driveway. Whereas Mr. Carroll is recently deceased, this might be the time to look into this issue.

Charlie Whitimore of South Sutton mentioned to Betsy that he thinks there is a small stand of mature pine and oak at Russell Pond that could be harvested. It was asked where the money would go from a harvest; Betsy thought probably into the general fund. Jean will ask Anita Blakeman, forester, to look at the trees after talking more with Charlie.

Betsy reported on a DES presentation she attended regarding changes to the Shoreline Protection Act, now known as the Shoreline Water Quality Act. She said it now seems to be based on property owner rights, not science. Some of the smaller projects will go through DES with a Permit by Notification and must be turned around in 5 days. The SCC will not even be notified. It might be up to the towns to institute more stringent rules.

Betsy reported she gave the Board of Selectmen the Black Mountain plaque.

Betsy said she thought it would be easier if the Board of Selectmen dealt with the beaver permit issue on Wadleigh Hill Road. Betsy called Fish and Game and checked with the compliance officer to see if that was acceptable. He thought it was. There was discussion. Paul is dealing with safety issues and road maintenance. The dams and beavers affect a lot of the wetlands. The issue is to balance the interests of the Town with protecting conservation. The Board voted unanimously to retain oversight over the permits. It was suggested that in the future, Paul bring the permit in and educate the Board as to the need. Betsy will let the Board of Selectmen know.

Garrett is free to visit the Web/Crowell property this weekend, from Route 114, to see if that could be a possible alternate entrance to the bridge site. Anyone who wants to join him should contact him.

Don reported on the Lefferts/Enroth property. He said he walked the new trail with Steve and Leslie Enroth who will be walking it with the grandkids at Thanksgiving. Steve also said he will contact Carlton Bradford to get the history of the land. He may be taking some pictures. Don thought the Leffert’s sign will need painting. Jean will ask Charlie Whittemore if he is interested in doing it.

Betsy reminded the Board to get all bills in by early December.

9:25 p.m. A motion was made by Jean, seconded by Garrett to adjourn the meeting. Unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Swett