New Library Hours Starting 10/25/21

The staff and Board of Trustees of Sutton Free Library are pleased to announce new, permanent library hours to our patrons. We appreciate the responses to the questionnaire on our website over the past several months. As a result of those responses, as well as our desire to more closely align with other town department hours (ie. transfer station and town hall), the new hours for Sutton Free Library are as follows:

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 9-1 & 3-6

Wednesday: 9-1 (Storytime at 10)

Thursday: 9-1 & 3-6

Friday: CLOSED

Saturday: 9-1

Sunday: CLOSED

This means that we’re now open four days a week instead of three and are open for 22 hours instead of 18! Masks will still be required inside the building and our meeting space will remain closed throughout the winter. We won’t have a building capacity/patron limit but do still request that you respect proper social distancing practices.