Regular Meeting of Tuesday, June 27, 2017 (7:00 p.m.)
Pillsbury Memorial Hall
93 Main Street
Sutton Mills, NH 03221

Board Members Present:  Jim Lowe; David Angeli; Debbie Lang; Dennis O’Connor; and Roger Wells

Board Members Absent:  Julie McCarthy

Ex-Officio Absent:  Bill Curless

Staff Present:  Ed Canane, Land Use Coordinator


Call to Order by Chair

Chairperson Wells called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.

Roll Call of Members..

Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting of June 13, 2017.

Chairperson Wells requested that a more legible font be used.

MOTION:  Board Member Angeli moved to approve the June 13, 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes.  It was seconded by Board Member Lowe.  The motion carried unanimously.



Old Business

Subdivision Regulations

The Board went through the Subdivision Regulations and made the following comments and suggestions:

      • Adopted August 7th, 1970 and amended March 19th, 1970: the years need to be verified.
      • Should there just be the adopted and amended dates, or should all dates wherein revisions have been made be included? When a Subdivision is granted by the PB, they have five years to implement it.  After that, it’s null and void.
      • Margin – 1″ all the way around.
      • Same type font and font size used throughout, except for headings, no less than 10 point.
      • All text should be left-justified only.
      • Applicant should always be capitalized, as should Application most of the time, where it’s used as the actual document.
      • Spaces between all sections should be the same.
      • Articles should always start at the top of a new page.
      • If reasonably feasible, all sections and subsections should be numbered and/or lettered.
      • If some sections within an Article have identifying headers, all should have them.
      • When a number is used, as in eight copies, the number should first be in letters and then in numeral, i.e. eight (8).
      • All the exhibits done by hand should be AutoCAD drafted, so they’re more easily read, more professional looking, and much easier to make adjustments to in the future.
      • Throughout the document, the word “person” should be changed to “entity”, so it covers corporations, as well.
      • Page 2, Contents, there is no Article IX anymore. So Article X will now become Article IX.
      • Page 4, third line down, change semicolon to a comma.
      • Page 5, Abutter, change Land Use Board to Planning Board.
      • Page 5, Applicant, at the end of the sentence, add the word “or its written designee, or agent”.
      • Page 5, Detention basin should be changed to “Basin, Detention”, because there’s going to be a “Basin, Retention”. The definition of a detention basin is a natural or manmade depression used to temporarily detain excess runoff, and thereby effectively reduce the impact of surface runoff.  This is a dry basin.  It holds water during a storm.  And when the storm’s over, there’s no water left in it.
      • Page 5, “Basin, Retention” should go beneath “Basin, Detention”. The definition is as follows:  a manmade depression used to detain and hold a defined amount of runoff for a specified period of time, and thereby effectively reduce the impact of surface runoff.
      • Page 5, Catch Basin’s should say see Basin, Detention and/or Retention, because a catch basin is just the generic term for those two things.
      • Page 5, Development Active and Substantial should be defined as follows: as determined and approved by the Planning Board on a case-by-case basis and made an official part of such approval.
      • Page 5, Driveway, utilize “and which”, rather than starting a new sentence.
      • Page 5, Lay By, after the word “road” put “or driveway”.
      • Page 5, Approval, Post-Conditional, Certificate of Occupancy should be both capitalized.
      • Page 5, Number 3, above Article III, Conditional Use Permits should also be annotated in that paragraph.
      • Page 6, Safe Site Distance definition: the minimum clear area at an intersection of roads and/or a road and a driveway, so that the operator of a stationary vehicle can safely see oncoming traffic.  See Appendix Exhibit H.
      • Page 6, right-of-way, at the very end, it says enumerated in Article VIII, Design Requirements, where now Article VIII is called Design Standards.
      • Page 6, definition of paved, capital A needs to be fixed.
      • Page 6, for map, instead of Zoning Map, say Tax Map and Overlay District Maps.
      • Page 7, the numbers three and four should be removed from the top, since they’re not subsets, and the paragraphs should be left-justified.
      • Page 7, Subdivision Minor, the same rules should apply to private roads, because what if that private road becomes public.
      • Page 7, Subdivision Natural, “the division, by an existing road, of a property conveyed by single Deed, including such divisions and boundaries that follow natural features, such as streams and stonewalls”.
      • Page 7, Number 2, include references to locate State and Town Regulations?
      • Page 7, Number 2, the Applicant shall familiarize itself with the Master Plan.
      • Page 7, Number 2, what regulation of health would be pertinent to that? New Hampshire State Regulations can be looked up.
      • Page 7, Number 4, there’s a double period at the very end.
      • Page 7, Number 4 should be Zoning Board of Adjustment or the Planning Board, as applicable.
      • Page 8, Number 3, add the LUC.
      • Page 8, Number 4 is not properly written. Perhaps use the verbiage:  Conditional Use Permit that allows deviation from the terms of the Zoning Ordinance.
      • Page 8, Section B, should say “and all other applicable bylaws”.
      • Page 9, Number 3, second sentence, third-to-last word, should say “including with respect to”.
      • Page 11, Section E, Planning Board considers a typical and desirable maximum (no period with small m).
      • Page 11, Section E, Lot Layout, remove “in most circumstances”.
      • Page 11, Conceptual Design Phase, “This shall be focused on the review”.
      • Page 11, Number 2, “The Planning Board or its designee” – is there a time when we’re going to want to designate that to somebody else at the preliminary phase?
      • Page 12, Number 1, see the end of the sentence in bold which says, “and when the Planning Board, at a regular public meeting, has approved it as complete”.
      • Page 12, Number 2, add “officially” before “deemed” to reinforce that it is the Board that does it.
      • Page 12, Number 3, Section B, add the words “Planning Board requested before the word “additional”. Should also specify the length of time to be 10 business days, rather than 10 days.  Replace “formal acceptance” with “being deemed complete”.  Language should read as follows:  Planning Board requested additional documents submitted after officially deemed completed.  This needs to be reworked.
      • Page 12, Number 4, Section A, space between the A and P in Application.
      • Page 12, Number 4, Section A, add “on or abutting the application”. Add at the end:  Said certification receipts shall be provided to the Planning Board on or before the public hearing for the completion approval of same.
      • Page 12, Number 4, Section B, last line should say “and the day of the public hearing”.
      • Page 12, Section B, insert “possible” between “month for” and “consideration”.
      • Page 12, Number 4, Section A, by Certified Mail, Return Receipt is not required by the RSA. Return Receipt will no longer be a requirement for notices.
      • Page 13, Section C, Public Hearings, two and three should have the word “or” at the end of each line.
      • Page 14, Number 4, the last line, remove two periods.
      • Page 15, at the top, it should state who the certification is being done by. Replace the word “certify” with:  be certified by a New Hampshire Licensed Surveyor or Civil Engineer.
      • Page 15, As Built, should be numbered 10, and needs to have the following added at the end: that comply as to size with Article VI, Section A.2.
      • Page 15, Section F, fourth line down, replace “but” with “except”.
      • Page 16, there ought to be a reference to the Site Plan, or it ought to be taken out of here and put into Site Plan. In the Site Plan, a sentence should be added:  for the five-year exemption rules that apply to Subdivision and Site Plan, see Section H.
      • Page 17, Section I, at the end, change “of” to “thereof”. Insert NHDES.
      • Page 19, Section Q, after word “showing” insert: and labeling.  Replace “increased” with “to have decreased contour intervals”.
      • Page 19, Section R, information regarding major subdivision and additional information should be put in the next section, Additional Requirements.
      • Page 19, checklist needs to be done.
      • Page 20, Number 6, add something to let the reader know the role of the Conservation Commission, i.e. See Town website.
      • Page 20, Section B, Number 3, insert “minimum” before “horizontal” and “minimum” before “vertical”.
      • Page 20, Section B, Number 4, last line, replace “not more than” with “at least”.
      • Page 20, Section B, Number 4, change 9% to 10%.
      • Page 21, Drainage, add the words “National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)” before type and drainage classification.
      • Page 21, remove number 13 completely.
      • Page 21, Number 15, remove “fiscal debt economic”.
      • Page 22, Number 16 needs a heading.
      • Page 22, Number 17 needs a heading.
      • Page 22, Number 17, Section B, add “or Township” to the end of the sentence.
      • Page 22, Number 18 needs a heading.
      • Page 22, Number 18, last sentence, after “completion of work” add: and acceptance of Certified As Built documents.
      • Page 22, Number 19, next-to-last line, add after “distance”: to local Fire Station.
      • Page 23, Section D, Number 4, add before “the Planning Board”: as specified in the final approval.
      • Page 24, Number 9, check with Legal Counsel regarding the requirements of returning the security deposit.
      • Page 34, Section A, under that, the Saving Clause, should go under Administration and Enforcement of Article X, as Section H. And Effective Date becomes Section I.
      • Page 34, Section B, the Record of Adoption, is relative to Article IX. If we’re getting rid of High-Intensity Soil Survey (HISS), we don’t need the Record of Adoption of HISS.  So that can go away.

Chairperson Wells gave a sheet listing his comments and suggestions to the LUC, for which some are listed above.


New Business

 Driveway Regulations

Tabled until next meeting.

Rules and Procedures for the Planning Board

Tabled until next meeting.


 ZBA Hearings of 06/21/2017 Results.

 The Board received a Notice of Decision.  Tabled until next meeting.


MOTION:  Board Member O’Connor moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:05 p.m.  It was seconded by Board Member Lang.  The motion carried unanimously.


Respectfully Submitted,

Victoria O’Connor, Recording Secretary
Town of Sutton
Planning Board