Corrected & Approved

Date of Meeting:  Tuesday, September 14, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

Members Present: Nancy Heckel (Chair); Jen Call; Emily Cooper, via Zoom; Nancy Glynn (Secretary); Marcy Vierzen (Treasurer); Elizabeth Geraghty (Library Director) 

Members Absent: Betsy Anderson (Alternate)

Note: This meeting was conducted on ZOOM for all present. 

Public Present: No members of the public were present;  Catherine Vierzen was present in person;

The Board met in person at the Sutton Free Library for their Board of Trustees Meeting. The public, per the Governor’s Executive Order 2020-04, Section 8, Emergency Order #12 Section 3, had the option to Zoom in to this meeting.


Roll Call, Introduction of Guests
The SFLBOT meeting was called to order at 7:04pm by Board Chair Nancy Heckel, and roll taken. Catherine Vierzen, 11 years old, was present. No other members of any households of Trustees were present within listening of this meeting. 

Review of Minutes
Minutes from the 8/5/2021 meeting were reviewed with corrections made. Board Chair Heckel invited a motion to approve, with revisions, the minutes from the 8/5/2021 meeting. Board Member Marcy Vierzen made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Board Member Jen Call. The motion was carried unanimously in the affirmative.



Director Elizabeth Geraghty reported Sutton Free Library received two checks in the mail. A check from the Linvilles to be used as reimbursement for the purchase of the McAuliffe Shepherd Discovery Center passes and a check from the State of NH relative to the ARPA grant which is to be used for the Storywalk project. Director Geraghty shared email correspondence from Town Administrator Elly Phillips requesting information to assist in the Master Plan. Director Geraghty also reports that she has many bank statements for Board Member Marcy Vierzen.



Old Business

Financial/Treasurer’s Report
Board Member Vierzen noted the beginning balance of the Trustee Account for Sutton Free Library in 

August was $4,985.53. Board Member Vierzen reported little activity on the account. One transaction was made to purchase the McAuliffe Shepherd Discovery Center passes in the amount of $300.00.

Board Member Vierzen made a motion to accept the Linville check for $300.00 and the State of NH check for $1208.00. Board Member Nancy Glynn seconded. The motion was carried unanimously in the affirmative.


The bank balance on the Trustee account at the end of August was $4,686.55. 


Director’s Report
Library Director Geraghty reports she has submitted a grant for $5,691.71 to SHARP on August 6th, 2021. This grant was written for an Owl pro-cylinder meeting solution, a bulletin board for the back entrance of the library both outside and inside, and backpacks to be used for craft and STEM activities.

Director Geraghty is optimistic that SFL will receive some funding for this grant but will prioritize the outside bulletin board. Director Geraghty expects a decision late September or early October. 


Director Geraghty was very pleased to report that automation should be completed by the next scheduled SFLBOT meeting. Board Chair Heckel suggested we include our new automation system in future library marketing.


Director Geraghty and Board Member Vierzen are working to find a trainer in Quickbooks. Initial trainer is currently booked through December which does not meet the immediate need of SFL. Board Member Vierzen is working on finding a replacement trainer.


Director Geraghty reports the high school is crafting a new sign that will have the name of the library as well as the hours of operation.


Director Geraghty reports that Town Clerk Carol Merullo is no longer working at town hall so the town has asked Yvonne  to help fill the void. This new arrangement has now lead to a need for library staff coverage on Monday evenings. Director Geraghty received a resume from a local person looking for very part time hours. SFL is currently in need of staff support 2-4 hours a week. Director Geraghty would like to hire this person to be a library substitute with an hourly wage of $13 per hour. The background check for a new hire can be lengthy so Director Geraghty will fill in until SFLBOT receive clearance. Board Member Vierzen made a motion to approve the new hire on a trial basis. Board Member Call seconded. The motion was carried unanimously in the affirmative.


Story Walk:

Director Geraghty reports that SFL has received the funds for the ARPA grant which will support in the funding for Story Walk. Director Geraghty asked Alternate Board Member Betsy Anderson to confirm that SFL can start installation of the mounts.


Director Geraghty reports that in the Selectboard meeting notes for August 30, it was reported Lori Mather, a Dam Safety Engineer came to visit the library dam site. Ms. Mather reported that there is a need to address overgrowth of woody vegetation by the dam. The overgrowth removal may interfere with the original mapping of the Story Walk. 


Story Walk Week is scheduled for the week of November 15-18. SFLBOT has expressed a desire to have our Story Walk installed by Story Walk week. Board Member Emily Cooper will coordinate with Dig Safe to do an evaluation of the property and reach out to the community for donations to help with installation costs. Board Member Vierzen will research pricing for the concrete and wooden posts needed for installation. SFL received a small grant to purchase two copies of a book to be featured that week. Marketing for Story Walk was also discussed to be done in the local school. 


Building and Grounds
Director Geraghty reports Capitol Alarm will come to SFL at the end of October. Capitol Alarm has received the deposit from the town to proceed with installation.

In preparation for the winter months, Board Member Vierzen volunteered to contact someone to do maintenance on the SFL snowblower.




All meetings have halted until further notice.


Board Member Vierzen reports that we have received 5 additional questionnaires. Board Member Vierzen has also created a QR code to easily access the evaluation. Copies of the QR code will be posted or handed out at the post office and transfer station. Board Member Vierzen will give updates on results at the next SFLBOT meeting. 

Director Geraghty will ask Becca Rowe at Sutton Central School to help with communications of the QR code.

The next Sutton Free Library Board of Trustees Meeting is Thursday, October 14th at 7pm.
Board Member Vierzen made a motion to adjourn the meeting, and this was seconded by Board Member Call. The motion was carried unanimously in the affirmative. The Board of Trustees meeting ended at 8:44 pm.